Honda CRF150R

The CRF150R was first introduced in 2007 and has remained unchanged except for some minor carb settings. The 150R is a full blown 22 horse power mini missile RACE bike. When the R first came out the BBR phone was ringing with people wanting to know how to tame it down. If you are not a pro this bike can be a handful. A lot of guys went out and bought these bikes for their wives and girl friends not realizing just how fast they are. The cool part is if you are a pro or a little phenom this bike is unbelievable. It has state of the art suspension and a Uni-Cam engine that revs till your eyes bleed! BBR is the King of the 150 sized play bikes and we have you covered with the 150R.

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Honda CRF150R FAQ
Jetting Chart:
OEM Honda CRF150R Specs
Bore and Stroke66mm x 43.7mm
Compression Ratio11.7:1
Spark PlugNGK CR8EH9
Valve ClearanceIN: .006" EX: .010"
Carb/main jet/pilot jet32mm FCR Keihin / 135 main / 40 pilot
Transmission ratios2.214 / 1.647 / 1.318 / 1.105 / .956
Oil Capacity/Type Crankcase: 0.62 US qt with filter change, 0.59 no filter change / Transmission: 0.60 US qt. / SAE 10W-30
Chain size/front sprocket/rear sprocket#420 chain; 15T/50T (R) / 56T (RB)
Front tire size70/100-17 R / 70/100-19 RB
Rear tire size90/100-14 R / 90/100-16 RB
Seat height32.8 R / 34.1 RB
Wheel Base49.6 inches R / 50.6 inches RB
Weight183 lbs
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