BBR Gallery - Photos

Below are photos from the old BBR website's photo gallery. This is mostly a placeholder to prevent dead links. Eventually it will be updated for easy searching, filtering, and we intend to add more photos. In the mean time, the photos are clickable to see the photo at full size, and the descriptions are intact from the old gallery.

  • Screwydilla
    Duane and Kyle Engle battle it out in the stock 50 class
  • DRZ70
    BBR DRZ70
  • BBR50
  • BBR Per110s
  • BBR 110
  • TTR125
    TTR 125 with yz80 forks
  • Screwydilla
    150 Vet action
  • RC DRZ70
    Suzuki cut BBR loose to build the worlds best DRZ70 for the Suzuki dealer show
  • DRZ70
    Suzuki DRZ70
  • BBR DRZ70
    Perimeter DRZ70
  • BBR DRZ70
  • BBR DRZ70
  • BBR 110
  • Yakima
    Yakima 150f pro class
  • Screwydilla
    John Kuebler
  • Screwydilla
    Legend action - Pomeroy brothers, Lackey. Murphy.........
  • Screwydilla
    Kuebler stylin
  • BBR’s signature, the perimeter frame.
    BBR’s been making various perimeter frames since 1995 to fit everything from the XR75 to the CR450.
  • 1995 White Brothers Race.
    Duane airs it out on the BBR aluminum framed 280XR. This was where it all began. By the time they drove home to Seattle from Glenn Helen, their message machine was full with everybody from Honda to the magazines calling to test their bikes. Duane jokes that they haven’t had a day off work in the 12 years since that race.
  • White Brothers Race 2001
    Lance Smail was the big winner of the $6,000 pro purse, with Jimmy Lewis taking second. Mini bikes had been laughed at and dead for a while. So, with no rich uncle, Chris and Duane found some un-maxed credit card to get this race going. Not one sponsor would put in a dime, they told us nobody would show up to race or watch a 150 pro race. 92 riders did show up and Duane made the track owners run a three row start so everybody had a shot at the money. ESPN came and did a great clip that is on our web site now. This was really the start of the modern day mini bike movement. Notice Duane is on crutches in the photo…he was dialing in Lance’s bike the day before when one of Glenn Helen’s famous wind gusts blew him off from 20 feet in the air. He exploded his ankle and knee. The funniest part was that he had to do the announcing for ESPN and the White Brothers while high on vicadin. He was supposed to go in for surgery but forgot to show up. The doctor, a motocross fan, actually came out to the race looking for Duane and helped him make it through the day…blistered arm pits and all.
  • 1998 BBR Perimeter framed YZ400
    Robert Naughton put this bike on the podium at several 4-stroke nationals.
  • 1997 “The Hindenberg”.
    BBR stuffed a Husaberg engine into one of their perimeter frames. Honda R&D sent Rich Taylor up to Washougal to give the bike a spin. He ended up going 2/3 for third overall. Not bad for two guys in their garage competing against the big factories. The bike burned three ignitions before the end of the weekend and we literally had to borrow one to get through the second moto.
  • 1996 Honda R&D
    In 1996, Honda R&D had the Brown Brothers come down and do a presentation with their aluminum framed 4-stroke motocross bikes.
  • 1998 Honda R&D
    Scott Rief was a big BBR fan and opened a lot of doors for us. He was tragically killed a few years ago testing street bikes.
  • Dirt Rider 24 hour Shoot Out
    This event is a blast and the BBR crew tries to never miss it. You show up with a bike, fire it up and they don’t turn it off for 24 hours. You ride all of the way through the night and basically torture test the bike. This shot is with King Dick Burleson who loves to ride as much as the Brown Brothers.
  • 24 Hour Shoot out 1998
    BBR CR80/XR200 engine bike
  • The BBR wrecking crew with Rich Taylor at Washougal 1997
    The Brown Brothers hit it off big with Rich Taylor. They found somebody that loved testing bikes as much as they did. Rich went on to help develop many BBR parts and won a lot of mini bike races for BBR over the years. Rich still works over at Suzuki R&D setting up RC, Pastrana and Alessi’s bikes these days. He also runs X Brand goggles.
  • 1981 BBR XR75
    This shot was taken in Kansas where the Brown Brothers travel to every summer to visit their relatives
  • 1969 Hemi Roadrunner
    The Brown Brothers got into cars as heavily as they could when they turned 16. They started restoring Mopar muscle cars and traveling around to all of the big shows. They are still into it today but only as a hobby. This was their 69 426 Hemi 4-speed Road Runner.
  • BBR Trophy
    Custom trophy that Lance Smail won for the Northwest 150 Championships. It had a complete XR100 motor, powder-coated and bolted to the trophy.
  • 1980 BBR BMX Race Team
    1980 Brown Brothers had a BMX team and a bicycle shop for seven years during the 70’s and early 80’s. They would travel around the country hitting all of the nationals. Their parents made them spend all of the money they made at the bike shop on the race team because junior highers and money are a bad combination. Hot items at the bike shop were Redline, GT, JMC and DG. Back row, left to right, is Charlie Brown, Brent Brown, John Gunst, Darin Shindle, Troy Daniels, John Hansen, Mark Rae, Steve Gunst. Front row, left to right, is Duane Brown, Chris Brown, Robert Hansen, Rick Hansen, Todd Daniels, and Mitch Raich.
  • 1980 Gary Ellis
    Gary Ellis grew up in Tacoma, WA and was the cause of a lot of second place trophies for the Brown Brothers. Gary still lives in the area and swings by BBR once in a while.
  • 1990 XR80
    This bike had disc brakes and lights. We used to have about a dozen XR75’s and 80’s sitting around at all times to ride with anybody who would show up at the Brown Brothers parents shop. We used to put the word out that we’d pay $100 for any XR75 , 80 or 100 because we went through so many of them riding in the back yard. At last count, we’ve gone through over 200 of them. Still a great bike to ride in the backyard with your buddies!
  • 1999 Albany 4-Stroke Nationals
    Brad Hagseth’s bike at weigh in after winning the Albony 4-stroke national.
  • BBR Front Hub
    Handmade front hub.
  • CR450 Spark Arresters
    Spark arrester inserts in our assembly department for the 2002 CRF405R.
  • CR80 with YZ250F Motor
    YZ250F engine into a BBR perimeter framed CR80. You dream it…the Brown Brothers build it.
  • 1997 Duane Brown at LangTown
    1997 Duane Brown at Langtown on the perimeter framed XR100 going through the waist deep woops.
  • Dirt Bike Photoshoot 2000
    2000 Lance Smail at the BBR test track doing a photo shoot for Dirt Bike magazine.
  • Denise Bayless
    Denise Bayless at the White Brothers 4-stroke Championships.
  • 1996 Dirt Bike
    1996 Dirt Bike magazine photo shoot of the aluminum framed XR400, 280, 150.
  • 1997 XR400 Dirt Bike Magazine
    Duane Brown airing out the perimeter framed XR400 for Dirt Bike magazine. Joe Kosch asked Duane to do a nac-nac for the camera, and being new to the business, Duane wasn’t going to say no. He let her rip once and thought he was done. 20 times later, Joe got the shot.
  • 2000 Open House
    2000 BBR's open house for the new shop (at that time).
  • Handmade triple clamps
    All of the early BBR parts were handmade on a Bridgeport mill, one at a time. These triple clamps were one-offs for Lance Smail's LangTown bike.
  • BBR test track
    The Brown Brothers grew up in Kent, Washington and had a test track in the middle of a residential neighborhood on 3 acres. Somehow, the neighbors put up with the noise and dust. There wasn’t a day that went by for years that bikes weren’t ridden and cars weren’t crashed in the name of fun and testing. This shot is Duane Brown on his 1989 CR500.
  • First BBR aluminum framed motorcycle
    1994 The very first aluminum framed BBR bike. It was based off of a YZ80 with an XR100 motor.
  • BBR's first aluminum framed motorcycle
    1994 The very first aluminum framed BBR bike. It was based off of a YZ80 with an XR100 motor.
  • BBR pits at the White Brothers 4-Stroke World Championships.
    BBR pits at the White Brothers 4-Stroke World Championships.
  • 1978 BMX
    1978 Duane Brown and Steve Gunst racing BMX at Renton BMX.
  • Langtown 1995
    The Brown Brothers headed for Langtown with their wives in tow to take a shot at the legendary backyard race. The Langtown races were the best backyard races of all time. Picture 400 people lining the fences of a tiny residential backyard with all of the factories parked in the front yard. This race used to get world wide coverage and helped to put BBR on the map. Thanks Bob and Linda!
  • Brent Brown BMX racing
    Brent Brown (47) and Clarence Perry (1). Brent was a long time BMX pro during BMX’s hay-day of the 70’s.
  • 1996 Chris, Duane and Jody from MXA
    The Motocross Action Wrecking Crew raced the BBR XR400 and called it the worlds best 4-stroke. The Brown Brothers made fast friends with everybody at MXA. They found a bunch of guys that ride 24/7 like they do and aren’t afraid of saying it how it is. These guys love to test bikes!
  • 1978 Duane and Chris BMX
    A 10 and 11 year old Chris and Duane Brown at a BMX national in Wichita, Kansas. This was the 1978 NBA Schwinn National BMX Tour.
  • Early Perimeter Frames
    XR200 perimeter frame – YZ250F perimeter frame around 2002
  • 2001 the BBR Wrecking Crew
    2001 the BBR Wrecking Crew
  • BBR XR400
    1996 Brad Hagseth riding the perimeter aluminum framed BBR XR400 at Washougal.
  • Brent Brown BMX
    Brent Brown leading the pro class at Pete’s Downhill BMX. Brent Brown (#33) around 1980. #32 is Bart McDaniels. Also in the photo, is Duane Brown (standing to the left in early BBR t-shirt) and Charlie Brown (second from the right).
  • Addie and Charlie Brown
    Grandma and Grandpa Brown on Indian motorcycle about 1920
  • 1999 Holiday Inn Rebuild
    Holiday Inn bike rebuild before the White Brothers 4-stroke World Championships. In the early days of 4-stroke motocross, the engines didn’t last too long. They were air cooled with two valves and didn’t like to do 12000 RPM.
  • 1997 Rich Taylor
    1997 Rich Taylor collecting his money after hitting the podium at Washougal.
  • 1997 CR250
    This bike only made it a couple of hours before being sawed into little pieces to become a 4-stroke. Nobody would listen then.
  • 2000 Indianapolis Trade Show
    Maxxis tires flew in the Brown Brothers with their handmade bikes and added Rick Johnson to promote their latest tires.
  • 2000 Jeff Stanton
    Jeff Stanton checks out the Langtown bike that the BBR Crew built for Steve Lamson to race Langtown on. It never happened, Lamson got hurt so Timmy Weigan stepped in and won the next three years in a row.
  • 1999 4 Stroke Nationals
    1999 Jeremiah Brown winning the 300 expert class on a perimeter framed XR200 at the White Brothers World Championships.
  • 1999 Jimmy Lewis
    Jimmy Lewis was the former king of mini bikes. Very few people could ride a 150 as fast as Jimmy did/does. He won Langtown seven times and the White Brothers race at least as many times. Jimmy can ride anything. He can be found editing Dirt Rider magazine these days.
  • 1998 YZ400 Perimeter Frame
    Completely carved from blocks of aluminum on a Bridgeport mill by hand. No CNC machines on this one.
  • Z50s
    Ready for demolition derby in the shop.
  • 1999 Dirt Rider
    1999 Karl Krammer from Dirt Rider magazine getting ready to test the BBR perimeter framed XR200.
  • 1996 MXA
    1996 Jody Wiesel from MXA test riding the BBR aluminum framed 280
  • 1995 Langtown.
    1995 Langtown.
  • 1995 Duane Brown
    1995 Duane Brown at Langtown on the aluminum framed 150XR.
  • 1999 Lori Smith
    1999 Lori Smith, Rodney Smith’s wife, takes the BBR perimeter framed XR200 for a spin for the Speed Vision cameras.
  • Maico Break-O
    Maico Break-O. The Brown Brothers love vintage bikes, but they are glad it’s over.
  • 2000 Langtown
    2000 Langtown podium bikes
  • 2000 MXJ Photoshoot
    2000 TTR150 perimeter framed bike Motocross Journal photo shoot.
  • Perimeter framed NSX250.
    Perimeter framed NSX250.
  • Langtown podium
    Langtown podium
  • 2000 Dirt Bike Magazine
    2000 Joe Kosch of Dirt Bike magazine fame getting ready to shoot the perimeter framed XR250.
  • 1999 Langtown starting gate
    1999 Langtown starting gate
  • 1976 Redline XR75.
    This bike used to hang in the BBR race shop ‘til some victim of society, who is owed and their parents didn’t do their job, hooked a chain to the front door and pulled the whole front of the BBR shop off just to get this bike, and left eight perimeter framed bikes sitting there. I guess the bike was that good. Hope they are enjoying it as much as our customers and Redline bicycles (across the street) used to.
  • 1976 Redline XR75
    This bike used to hang in the BBR race shop ‘til some victim of society, who is owed and their parents didn’t do their job, hooked a chain to the front door and pulled the whole front of the BBR shop off just to get this bike, and left eight perimeter framed bikes sitting there. I guess the bike was that good. Hope they are enjoying it as much as our customers and Redline bicycles (across the street) used to.
  • 1999 Rich Taylor at LangTown
    1999 Rich Taylor on the podium at Langtown.
  • Riding the Cascades
    The BBR crew riding in the Cascade Mountains.
  • BBR Open House
    1995 Rich Taylor, Ron Lechien, Lance Smail at the BBR open house.
  • 1974 DG mono-shock XR75
    1974 DG mono-shock XR75
  • XR75 Magazine Ad
    The Brown Brothers carried this ad around for years when they were kids…dreaming of how it is going to be
  • Perimeter framed YZ426
    Perimeter framed YZ426 conversion in progress.
  • Brown Brothers Bike World
    Hot items at the bicycle shop were from DG, JMC, Mongoose, Red-line, Torker,Patterson etc. With BMX in its infancy the factories would send the brothers new products to test knowing they would sell them if the brothers used them on their personal bikes.
  • 4-Stroke nationals
    BBR sales manager Larry Kuebler ringing out an xr100/cr80 on his way to the vet championship
  • Early Dream Factory
    The Brown Brothers parent's backyard shop they grew up with. It all happened in this 32 x 48 shop. They bought a welder, lathe, mill and a bulldozer and worked around the clock for years.
  • Speed Vision
    Duane and Chris being interviewed for Speed Vision.
  • Exhaust pipe production.
    Exhaust pipe production.
  • Washougal podium weigh in
    Washougal podium weigh in for BBR perimeter framed Husaberg.
  • Bob Hannah
    The first time the brown brothers went down to Dirt Bike Magazine - Duane was telling editor Joe Kosch his favorite photo of all time was of Hannah on the hand made works Honda they had run on the cover in the early eightiies. Needless to say Joe came up with the original photo and gave it to Duane.
  • BBR alluminum framed XR400
    1997 - Lou Lopez worked for Sun-star at the time and came out to Washougal to root Rich Taylor and Duane on. Rich raced the Husaberg and Duane raced the XR400.
  • Race team
    In 1995 The brown brothers borrowed a truck and headed off for the 4-sroke nationals in Ca. They didnt have enough money for a hotel so they stayed at the K.O.A. across the street in San Bernadino. Thanks everyone out there who has helped our American dream come true - and have gotten us to where we are today !
  • 79 YZ80 (Duane)
    In 1979 Chris and Duane used to ride their BMX bikes down to the local Yamaha dealer and drool on the bikes - plus take all of the broschures. One day the sales guy said fill this form out and you can make payments. Just get your Dad to sign it........Twentyfive dollars or 12.50 each a month and we were on our way to looking like Hannah. Best money we ever spent.
  • Langtown
    Smail sportin Jeff wards lucky 3x at Langetown. Must of worked.
  • Duane on RM85
    Duane Brown test riding for Dirt Bike magazine. Duane used to go down and do the 80cc shoot out for several of the magazines.
  • Dirt Bike Magazine
    Duane testing the WR400 for Dirt Bike magazine.
  • E.C. Birt YZ80
    1978 E.C. Birt YZ80. E.C. used to build the trickest bikes back in the 70’s along with Jeff Ward Racing Products, DG, Redline, and many others. The mini bike scene was huge in the 70’s. The Brown Brothers still collect and restore vintage XR75’s.
  • Machined frame part
    1999 The first part to come off the BBR CNC machine. A 150F spar.
  • TTR125 Perimeter Frame
    2000 TTR125 perimeter frame ready to be welded. BBR employs the best aluminum welders in the world. If it was easy, everyone would do it.
  • Perimeter Frames for XR200
    Perimeter frames for the XR200 engine, ready to go to the heat treater.
  • 2000 Moto Verte
    2000 French magazine Moto Verte came over to test the BBR150’s.
  • 2001 4-Stroke Nationals
    2001 150 race. 92 riders line up for the three row start.
  • 2000 4-Stroke Nationals
    2000 Rich Taylor pulls the holeshot ahead of Jimmy Lewis, Larry Kuebler, and Duane Brown at the White Brothers 150 World Championships.
  • 2000 BBR Open House
    2000 BBR cake for the open house of BBR’s new location
  • BBR Husaberg
    Gordon Ward on the perimeter framed Husaberg. Gordon was a test rider for Dirt Bike magazine in the 90’s.
  • 2000 Indianapolis Trade Show
    Maxxis tires flew in the Brown Brothers with their handmade bikes and added Rick Johnson to promote their latest tires.
  • 1996 Dirt Rider
    1996 Chris, Duane, Karl Kramer, Eric Kehoe, and Andy Horton check out the BBR aluminum framed 280.
  • Brown Brothers Bike World
    Brent doing his best Cat Stevens impression during the 70s at the bike shop.
  • 1988 Monroe, WA.
    Brian Hugaberg, Todd Gaskill, Mitch Rholinger, Duane Brown, and Dave Jenkins get ready for some arena cross action in 1988
  • BBR XR 400
    Duane whipping the big XR for the Dirt Bike camera
  • Bothell BMX
    1977 - Duane, Brent, Rick Hansen, John Gunst, John Hansen, Chris
  • BBR280
    1995 Aluminum framed xr280
  • CR80\XR100
    BBR converted dozens of CR80s into Langtown backyard bikes in the 90s
  • BBR XR400
    Perimeter framed carbon fiber winged XR 400
  • 69 Hemi Road Runner \70 convertible Road runner
    The Brown Bros are no trust funders and there is no rich uncle......Just lots of hard work and passion for whatever they are into at the time.
  • BBR XR200 Bigwheel
    1997 - BBR built lots of these bikes in the 90s and still does a version today that fits the 150f and 230f motor
  • BBR XR400
    Brent, Joe Kosch, Duane, Chris
  • 1995 Langtown
    Lance Smail, Bob Langin, Chris Brown, Brad Hagseth at LangTown 1995 trophy presentation.
  • BBR XR100
    One of the first BBR products was a swingarm for the XR100. It had ajustable ride hight blocks
  • BBR XR400
    Motocross Action Magazine cover shot ( World best 4-stroke)
  • BBR XR200
  • Lets race
    Z- 50s ready to go.
  • BBR YZ400
    Glenn Helen Motocross Action photo shoot
  • BBRDR400
    Rich Taylor raced the 4-stroke nationals for BBR and Suzuki R&D. His job was to develop the the DRZ into the current RMZ450
  • DRZ400
    Rich Taylor
  • Husaberg 501
  • BBR XR75
    IN 1981 Chris and Duane started on this bike in jr high metal shop class. 12 year old Chris completly hand fabricated and welded the frame and swingarm while 14 year old Duane machined the linkage and any billet parts. The other kids in the class teased them about just buying a real bike - but as they were building candle holders and making sheet metal boxes Chris and Duane were already working on the dream. This Bike still looks modern twenty years later and still is on display at BBR
  • Races
    Jim hamilton grew up next door to the Brown Brothers and could be found doing whatever they were doing. Going to the BMX races, Car shows, or motocross races. Jim helped out in the early days of BBR when it was all about twenty hour days and traveling to the races. Jim is a Boeing lifer but used every vacation day he could take off and then a few more he probably shouldn 't have......all in the name of Motocross.......Thanks Jim
  • BBR50
    Ready fo action.
  • 2000 Ron Lechien
    Ron Lechien is a huge mini bike nut. So, of course he hit it off with the Brown Brothers. He flew up and spun some laps on the Brown parents BBR track. The “dogger” can ride! After growing up there and riding for 25 years everyday, that was a great way to end it with Ron Lechien and Rich Taylor as this was the last time we rode on the parents BBR track. We moved the test track out of the neighborhood to a larger location. Our parents couldn’t help us load up quick enough. I think all the neighbors helped chip in too.
  • Vintage XR80
    Vintage XR80 with DG replica swingarm
  • BBR XR400
    Perimeter framed xr400. Check out the oil fittings for running the oil through the frame.
  • XR400
    Willy Musgrave and Alan Olson of MXA prepare to test the xr400
  • BBR XR200
    Dirt Bike Magazine photo shoot ( Worlds trickest foo foo bike)
  • Screwydilla
    Dirt Bike magazine editor Tim (Lumpy) Tolleson on the BBR 150F
  • BBR 50
    John Rotinger
  • BBR 50 Kyle Coen
    Glen Helen
  • RMC
    Greg Crater
  • RMC
    Dan Krick
  • White Brothers 50 pro
  • 50 Pro
    RMC night race
  • Noleen shop
    1997 The Brown Brothers teamed up with Noleen to do the 4-stroke nationals.
  • XR200 roller
    Rolling chassis are a familiar sight at BBR.
  • 2001 Speed Vision
    2001 Duane Brown being interviewed about the 150F mini bike race
  • 2001 US Open Bikes
    Tim Clark and Eric Pernard invited the BBR crew to have an industry half time race at the US Open with all of the magazine editors. What a blast! They all rode TTR125 engined perimeter framed bikes. Brian Staben and Jimmy Lewis were the big winners. The crowed loved it because they went for all the big jumps.
  • BBR YZ400 for US Open
    Lance Smail's electric blue YZ400 for the US Open.
  • Perimeter framed XR400
    Honda should still build this bike. This is the type of power every off-road play bike rider wants.
  • Perimeter framed XR200 at Dirt Bike Magazine
    Dirt Bike magazine photo shoot. Perimeter framed XR200.
  • 1974 DG mono-shock XR75
    1974 DG mono-shock XR75
  • Brown Brothers Bike World
    This was the place to hang out if you were into BMX in the 70s. All of lifes big problems were solved here. As time went on and the brothers got older - more and more motorcycle parts found thier way onto the shelves
  • Powroll Mike
    It was 1998 and the YZ400 fever was at full pitch. The BBR crew recieved one of the first production bikes so they invited the Powroll gang to come up to the Seattle Supercross and take the new YZ for a spin at the same time. Needless to say Powroll Pams husband Mike went for the first ride - no helmet, no gear "Ill go slow" Moments after this photo was shot Mike pile drove his face into the ground severily breaking his nose. No big deal-a few surgeries later and he is good as new. Thanks for the great story Mike!
  • Langtown - Timmy Weigand
    2001 - Jimmy lewis had not lost Langetown in seven years. Duane and Chris were on a mission to get BBR a win at the most famous backyard race in the world. They built a backyard replica track in the backyard of thier parents house and recruited current 4-stroke national champ Lance Smail and arena-cross star Brad Hagseth to get the job done. Just for good measure and to keep the hometown fans happy they also brought Dirt rider tester, Honda R&D tester, and BMX star timmy Weigand to round out the dream team. Smail went on to win both motos with Timmy going second and Brad going third for a BBR podium sweep. Timmy went on to win the last three remaining Langetown races. The county and the nieghbors had finally had enough.and 05 was the last official race. Thanks for the great ride Bob and Linda!
  • 1997 Washougal National
    Rich Taylor and Duane Brown ready for action.
  • 1976 Redline XR75
    This bike used to hang in the BBR race shop ‘til some victim of society, who is owed and their parents didn’t do their job, hooked a chain to the front door and pulled the whole front of the BBR shop off just to get this bike, and left eight perimeter framed bikes sitting there. I guess the bike was that good. Hope they are enjoying it as much as our customers and Redline bicycles (across the street) used to.
  • 1976 Redline XR75
    This bike used to hang in the BBR race shop ‘til some victim of society, who is owed and their parents didn’t do their job, hooked a chain to the front door and pulled the whole front of the BBR shop off just to get this bike, and left eight perimeter framed bikes sitting there. I guess the bike was that good. Hope they are enjoying it as much as our customers and Redline bicycles (across the street) used to.
  • Robert Naughton
    1998 Robert Naughton on the podium at the 4-stroke Nationals.
  • 2000 Lance Smail in Dirt Bike
    2000 Lance Smail at the BBR test track doing a photo shoot for Dirt Bike magazine
  • Steve Lamson
    2000 Steve Lamson going for a test ride on the BBR 150 Langtown bike.
  • 1998 MXA Shoot
    1998 BBR perimeter framed YZ400. Tim Olson from Motocross Action gets the cover shot.
  • Duane Brown with Dirt Bike and YZ250F
    Duane Brown test riding the very first YZ250F for Dirt Bike magazine with Tim “Lumpy” Tolleson. Duane was excited to get back and tell the internet world all about the new bike…what a mistake that was. 70,000 guys raped him telling him how 4-strokes could never make 35 hp, weigh 220 lbs, let alone win any race that counted. Some things never change. Duane still tries to get on the internet sometimes but we try to stop him.
  • TTR125 perimeter frames ready to be shipped.
    The TTR125 frame was BBR’s best selling 150 frame of all time.
  • Lance Smail and his BBR YZ400
    Lance Smail at the US Open on his electric blue YZ400
  • BBR YZ400 for US Open
    Lance Smail at the US Open on his electric blue YZ400
  • White Brothers weld shop
    BBR teamed up with the White Brothers on several projects over the years.
  • CR80 XR100 engine
    CR80 XR100 engine. BBR did hundreds of these conversions in the 1990’s.
  • 1978 Chris Brown’s XR75.
    11 year old Chris Brown rebuilds the engine on his XR75 while mom and dad try to figure out why he doesn’t just want to ride the bike.
  • 1974 DG mono-shock XR75.
    1974 DG mono-shock XR75.
  • 1974 DG mono-shock XR75
    1974 DG mono-shock XR75
  • 1974 DG mono-shock XR75
    1974 DG mono-shock XR75
  • YZ250F for Dirt Bike Magazine
    Duane Brown on an early YZ250F for Dirt Bike magazine.
  • YZ426 Conversion
    Perimeter framed YZ426 conversion in progress.
  • Brown Bros. Bike World
    The Brown Brothers ran a bicycle shop on the Kent (WA) east hill for seven years. Chris and Duane were in Jr. high and Brent was in high school. During the day Margaret (the boy's mother) ran the shop and did the books. On the weekends the family and the BBR race team traveled to all of the local BMX races. When summer came it was off to the nationals.
  • Brown Brothers Bike World
    An eleven year old Chris, thirteen year old Duane, and sixteen year old Brent are ready to take your custom bike order.
  • Custom aluminum gas tank
    BBR has custom built dozens of aluminum gas tanks over the years. Duane jokes a little bit of soul goes into every one of them.
  • Honda dealer show
    When Honda was getting ready to release the CRF50 they sent BBR a pre-production bike with a blank check and said build the worlds best 50. In typical BBR style the boys cut loose! This bike was the first aluminum framed, upright shock, upsidedown forked, four lved crf50 on the planet. The bike ended up on the cover of Motocross action Magazine and with carmichael sitting on it in the centerfold. Later Honda used it at their dealer show to introduce the CRF50.
  • Perimeter YZ400
    Robert Naughton raced the BBR YZ400 to several podium spots in the 1998 4-stroke nationals.
  • Jeremiah and Jordon
    Brent's son Jeremiah and the nighbor kid Jordan Bonathan spent thousands of hours testing BBR parts in the early days.
  • Dirt Bike Magazine 80cc shootout
    1998 Dirt Bike Magazine shootout. Duane, and his nephew Jeremiah, used to go down and help with the magazine shootouts. There is nothing funner than hammering on other peoples motorcycles and then handing them back to them in a heap.
  • Nasty Wench Harescrambles
    Duane on his 93 CR250 (greatest bike of all time) preparing to destroy it in one of the hardest, muddiest races on the planet.
  • Superbird
    Brent's 1970 Plymouth superbird. The three brothers grew up with mopar muscle cars and still restore and play with them for fun.
  • BBR YZ 400
    This was a completly hand fabricated YZ 400. Anyone who got a chance to ride this bike knew what the future was going to be. The stiff perimeter frame was the perfect compliment to the heavy torquey 4-stroke motor. Even at twenty plus thousand dollars these bikes were money losers - But what a blast to ride!
  • 1970 Road Runner convertible
    Duane's 1970 road runner convertible that he ground up restored when he was twenty five years old. It won best musclecar at the Seattle Autorama.
  • Circle track car
    Brent's 68 340 Barracuda circle track car. Brent could be seen most Saturday nights in the 80s at the Spanaway circle track races. Man their chilli was good!
  • 1998 per. YZ400
    This is the photo Motocross action used in the center fold when they tested the bike.
  • Dart and Barracuda
    The Brown Brothers grew up two miles from S.I.R. so racing was in their blood. Wednesday night motocross practice, Friday night grudge drags, and Saturday MX. Chris had this 1967 340 barracuda and Duane had the 1969 340 dart. Both ran in the 12s and were driven to high school daily.
  • 82 RM125
    Duane onboard the 1982 RM125. This photo was shot in the Brown parents backyard. The brothers had a dream situation for riding and testing at home. Over the years they put together a full on machine shop with a test track and bulldozer right in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Some how the neighbors tollerated the noise and dust from the bikes, machines, and occasional demolition derby on the 4th of July. It was a sad day when BBR outgrew the back yard but what a blast it was. Thanks neighbors and everyone who helped us grow !
  • Langtown
    2001 Langtown. Lance Smail, Timmy Weigand, and Brad Hagseth made it a BBR sweep. Bob Langin was one of the craziest motorcycle guys we have ever met. Why? Because he held a race in his backyard! Picture convincing your wife, neighbors, insurance co., kids, relatives, county, etc that it is a good idea to have a race at the place you have to live. Then you can only invite 400 people and everyone knows someone. The Knockoff bikes almost got a piece of Langtown a few years ago. They were going to use the name on one of their piece of crap bikes but luckily Bob got the name trademarked before they violated everything we love about this sport.
  • BBR XR200
    In the late 1990s BBR took the CR125 and modified it to fit the XR200 engine. Dirt Bike Magazine called it the "ultimate play bike". We agree!
  • BBR bikes
    Washougal pits 1997
  • Langtown
    Langtown podium
  • Aluminum gas tank
    This tank was for a 96 cr250. The BBR fabricators are the best in the world at one off projects.
  • 1970 440 challenger
    The Brown Brothers made the trip to Leota kansas every summer to visit their relatives on their father's side. They would hit all of the big BMX races ,motocross events, and car shows on there way back each year. This is a photo of one of their cousins Duane Reimer with his 70 440 challenger.
  • Langtown
    Chris and Duane talk bike setup on the super tight tight backyard track
  • BBR YZ400
    Motocross Action Magazine test day. Willy Musgrave ran in the top ten for the magazine.
  • BBR280
    This was the first full sized aluminum frame that BBR ever built. It was based off a 93 CR125.
  • BBR 280
    BBR aluminum frame bike number one. It was all still just a dream at this point. The best test riders in the world all took a spin on this bike before it was done
  • BBR XR100
    If you are an XR75,80, or 100 fan this is the ultimate. A perimeter framed (fully hand made) 150 stroker, CR 85 suspended, Langtown winning wonder bike
  • BBR 280
    1995 BBR 280
  • Pancreatitis
    In the early 90s Chris was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis and looked like he was going to meet his maker. This was the beginning of the modern BBR. All three brothers had gone to college, married and drifted off into the real world. When Chris became sick Duane walked into his work and told his boss where to go. Chris and Brent were a little more hesitent but came on board shortly. Chris still fights the desease and he discribes it as having the flu everyday plus spends a good number of days in the hospital every year. He stays so busy at BBR doing the web site and drawing all the latest BBR parts that he doesnt have time to live in reality. Life is short - Dont let that dream get away.
  • BBR150
    1994 This was the very first aluminum framed BBR mini bike. It was based off a YZ80 with a bored and stroked XR100 engine
  • BBR280
    Aluminum framed xr250
  • Wheelie Wizard
  • BBR T-Shirt
    When BBR first got going - Duane said "its a good thing our wives have real jobs!" He knew it was going to be a long road. The brothers decided to put that line on the very first BBR t-shirt and they ended up selling thousands of them over the years.
  • Langtown
    Lance Smail tastes sweat victory
  • BBR XR400
    BBR is all about the details
  • Knack Knack
    Duane working out the Knack Knack for the Dirt Bike Magazine lenses circa 1996
  • CR80/XR100
    Perimeter framed xr100
  • BBR Per. XR400
    The always funny Joe Kosch.
  • 69 Hemi Road Runner
    The car shows are not as exciting as the motorcycle races but are just as competitive.
  • Races
    Brent, Duane, Chris
  • BBR YZ400
  • CR500
    Duane on board the 1986 CR500
  • Langtown / Derek Charbonnea
    Derek Charbonnea at Langetown. Derek was one of BBRs first employees and was there in the trenches when BBR was making a name for themselves. Derek was the suspension guru at BBR for years and drove the race truck all over the country scattering Dodge truck parts in every state. Derek is always the first guy to jump in and solve a problem or lend a hand. He can be found trouble shooting airplanes for Boeing these days and cruising his Harley. ( Derek were still going to cut that hair off! ).
  • Jim Hamilton at Langtown
  • BBR 150R
    This is the bike that BBR debuted at the Dirt Rider 24hr shootout. Dirt Rider ran a story on it in the dream bikes section. Editor Karl Kramer said when he first came upon the bike he thought he was at a prayer meeting because everyone was bowing down around the bike worshiping it!
  • 150R
    Holy Grail. BBR 150R. Of course you dont need it ...But you dont need a hot girlfriend either!
  • BBR per. 50
  • BBR50
    White Bros 4stroke race
  • BBR 50s
    Goose and Coen
  • Coen
    Kyle Coen taking a look back at RMC
  • 50 Pro
    White Brothers 4-Stroke race
  • RMC
    Greg Crater wins the 150f trophy dash at RMC
  • Screwydilla
    Duane pulls the holeshot on the way to victory in the stock class
  • Screwydilla
    Engle pinned
  • Langtown / Pete The Meat
    Pete Treadwell doing Langtown. Pete was the sales manager at BBR for years and is one of the funniest guys you will ever meet. Pete currently is working at Western Powersports
  • Langtown
    LangTown crowd. Standing room only!
  • BBRXR400
  • Perimeter 50s
    BBR debuted the perimeter 50 at the first Vegas Mini-Moto. Chris gossalaar and Timmy Weigand were set to race the pro class. The bikes were years ahead. They had 124cc engines, 8 inch Elka up right shocks, Marazochi forks, D-section pipes,etc,. At the time the other riders were running stock frames, 88 kits, fork extenders,etc. The night before the race Honda pulled the plug and Timmy and Goose watched from the stands.
  • BBR150F
    The ultimate play bike, trail bike, poker run bike, girl bike, wife bike, Langtown bike.
  • Screwydilla
    Tim (Lumpy)Tolleson
  • BBR Perimeter 50
  • Screwydilla
    Ryan Villapoto
  • Screwydilla
    Greg Crater BBR50
  • Screwydila BBR50
    Dan Krick
  • Coen
    Kyle Coen
  • 50 Pro
    Coen, Crater Krick, And Goose await the start
  • Screwydilla
    Duane putting all those BMX skills to work - taking the win in the stock 50 class
  • Screwydilla
    Screwydilla trophy presentation. Duane and Kyle Engle collect the homemade trophies. The atmosphere at Screwys is always fun and laid back. From the BBQ to the magic show a great time is had by all. Thanks Screwy!
  • 69 Hemi Road Runner
    When Chris and Duane bought this Road Runner they pretty much restored it as a Church project. They had as many as twenty kids from their church college group working on the car at any one time. Every nut and bolt was replated, painted, or replaced. The engine,tranny,and rear end were also rebuilt by the college kids. Duane sprayed the B5 blue paint and it was ready to show. The first Mopar show they took it to - it won best of show. The grumpy old car show guys were not to happy that a bunch of kids(not one of them over 25) stole the limelight. This was the start of big things for the Brown Bros.
  • BBR DRZ 70
  • BBR DRZ 70
  • BBR DRZ70
  • White Bros race
    Duane launching the BBR280
  • BBR Per.110
  • Screwydilla
    Larry Kuebler pulls the holeshot in the 150f class.
  • Screwydilla
    Rick Hansen pinned on his way to the vet championship.