KLX/DRZ110 Frequently Asked Questions

Note: Some of the items discussed in this FAQ are no longer available. This information has been left online for historical reasons and to assist current owners of these now discontinued items. If any of these parts are still available (new, used, or otherwise), they will be listed on our product pages. To see all product listings for the this model click here.   Our BBR Product Identification section has more information about older products from our past.

  • Is the BBR pipe louder than stock?

    Yes. Unfortunately, power and sound go hand-in-hand. Don't let anybody tell you different. We have neighbors and ride in our backyard's too. Our Quiet Insert can help lower the noise output to an acceptable level. Part no. 220-BBR-1004 $39.95
  • What is the difference between BBR's pipe and the other guy's pipes?

    Compare the details and you'll understand. The BBR pipe is 100% designed and built in our Auburn, WA production facility. We have our own in-house dyno and ride mini 4-strokes more than all the other companies combined. We've won every major mini 4-stroke race in the country and we sell the same pipes we race with to the public. Our designs are painstakingly developed to achieve the best possible performance. Most models use multistepped headers and all our headers are ceramic coated or stainless steel. The muffler can is anodized to protect it and keep it looking great for a long time. Because we're concerned with noise restrictions, many of our exhaust systems will fit the OEM endcap (for stock noise level). For full race mode, we include our super trick billet aluminum endcap and US Forest Service approved spark arrester. We regularly test our competitors pipes and are confident that ours are the best exhaust systems made.
  • How fast will the KLX/DRZ 110 go?

    Not very fast. That's why it's so stinkin' fun to ride. We do not measure top MPH of any motorcycles. In motocross, it isn't how fast it goes, but how quickly you get there.
  • What color plastic is available for the KLX/DRZ110?

    The KLX/DRZ110 uses the same plastic as the KX65 (except the front fender). If you are using KX65 plastic, you may have to trim the bottom of the front fender to get it to clear the engine on the KLX/DRZ110. Most colors are available for the stock KLX/DRZ 110.
  • Why does BBR always use aluminum for its frames?

    When used correctly, aluminum is the strongest, lightest material available for use in motorcycle frame construction. Few companies use it because of the difficulty in machining, welding, and heat-treating. The BBR crew has worked closely with major motorcycle manufacturers perfecting the art of frame building.
  • What fork does BBR recommend for the KLX/DRZ110s?

    For most riders, our damping rods and stiff springs will make the stock forks work pretty well. For the ultimate performance and durability we recommend the BBR E-6 or Marzocchi Shiver Works fork kit.
  • Does BBR sell a disc brake setup for the KLX/DRZ110?

    If you want a front disc brake setup, we recommend that you consider the BBR E-6 or Marzocchi forks with the optional disc brake setup. BBR also has a rear disc brake setup for the KLX/DRZ110. After serious testing and abuse, we've developed the strongest hub and brake setup available. Kits are available for the stock frame or the BBR Perimeter Frame Kit.
  • What gearing should I run on my KLX/DRZ110?

    BBR runs a 33T/14T combination with the 3 speed motors. If you are running the 4 speed shift drum, you can run 43T/14T sprockets. On BBR frame and swingarm kits that are +5" longer than stock, it is mandatory to run the larger sprockets or you will wear out the chain slider.
  • Can you help me jet my KLX/DRZ110?

    With the stock carb, the main jet is a 80. If you remove the filter and run our exhaust system, we recommend a 88 main jet. See our jetting page for general help on jetting 4-stroke motorcycles.
  • What tires do you recommend for the KLX/DRZ110?

    Our race team bikes run Dunlop 756 tires front (60/100-14) and rear (80/100-12).
  • How stiff are the BBR Heavy Duty Springs for the stock suspension?

    We designed these springs for adult mini bike riders. The stock fork springs are .48 kg. Our heavy-duty springs are .62 kg. The stock shock spring is 5.2 kg. Our heavy duty spring is 6.8 kg.
  • Are the BBR DRZ/KLX110 springs too stiff for my 9 year old?

    Probably. These we're designed for adults, but we have lots of fast kids that absolutely love them. You'll have to make the decision. They are about 60% stiffer than the stock springs (see above). Of course you can run one stock spring and one of the BBR springs to achieve a ride in between on the forks.
  • Does BBR make a big-bore kit for the KLX/DRZ110?

    We have several size and displacement options ranging from a simple bore-in 130cc piston kit, a 143 complete kit, and a complete 160 kit that requires case boring. Call one of our expert sales staff members toll free to decide which kit is right for you. 1-888-668-6227.
  • How does the 4-gear shift drum work?

    The KLX/DRZ110 motor is used in Japan in a street bike called a KSR110. For the US kids bike market, the motor was detuned and the shift drum modified to prevent shifting into 4th gear. The gears are still installed in the KLX/DRZ110 motor. BBR has the correct shift drum to allow use of 4th gear. It does require completely disassembling your motor to install it.
  • How can I lighten my KLX/DRZ110?

    The KLX/DRZ110 is a heavy motorcycle. Our Aluminum Perimeter Frame Kit is much stronger (and handles 100% better) and can save a couple of pounds over the stock chassis. Unfortunately, the main weight of this bike is the engine. It is large and heavy. This is both good and bad. Obviously, the weight is bad, but it also means that it is pretty durable. We are always working on products to increase the power of the KLX/DRZ110 (to offset the weight) and to lighten the motor.
  • What should I do with the stock KLX/DRZ110 footpeg mounts?

    The stock footpeg mount is really wimpy. First, you should immediately replace the stock bolts with longer bolts. The stock bolts will strip very easily. We have have a super strong forged footpeg mount that solves the problem
  • What is different between the different years of KLX/DRZ110s?

    Kawasaki/Suzuki has changed a lot of parts between 2000 through 2005 models. Don't assume parts will interchange on the motors. They have had different cranks, cylinder heads, etc. They look similar, but are different. Another example is the shift shaft. The 2005 model got a larger shift shaft (which requires a different shift-lever).
  • Is the KLX/DRZ110 a better play bike than the CRF/XR50?

    This is almost a toss-up. The two bikes (stock or modified) require a different riding style. The 110 rides more like a big bike. Your motocross skills apply directly to the 110. The 50's are a little more like BMX. They're more squirrelly and require a little more finesse to go fast. Currently the 50 has more hop-up parts available, but that is changing quickly. Both bikes are a lot of fun. The decision may come down to what your buddies will be riding. If you're considering a Chinese knock-off bike, the Kawasaki KLX110 is definitely a better choice. Throw on a pipe and a bar kit and the bike will last forever and will have very good re-sale value. If you ever need parts your Kawasaki shop can get them quickly.