CR/XR80/100 Frequently Asked Questions

Note: Some of the items discussed in this FAQ are no longer available. This information has been left online for historical reasons and to assist current owners of these now discontinued items. If any of these parts are still available (new, used, or otherwise), they will be listed on our product pages. To see all product listings for the this model click here.   Our BBR Product Identification section has more information about older products from our past.

  • Is the BBR pipe louder than stock?

    Yes. Unfortunately, power and sound go hand-in-hand. Don't let anybody tell you different. We have neighbors and ride in our backyard's too. So we have designed the BBR CRF/XR80/100 pipe to accept the stock end cap from the CRF/XR80/100 exhaust. This lets you achieve the same noise level as stock. When you are riding in your backyard, you pop on the stock end cap (3 bolts). When you're at the track, trying to beat the local heroes, you pop on the BBR endcap. Or you can order the BBR quiet core ( 220-BBR-1004 $39.95 ) and run the trick fluted end cap.
  • What is the difference between BBR's pipe and the other guy's pipes?

    Compare the details and you'll understand. The BBR pipe is 100% designed and built in our Auburn, WA production facility. We have our own in-house dyno and ride mini 4-strokes more than all the other companies combined. We've won every major mini 4-stroke race in the country and we sell the same pipes we race with to the public. Our designs are painstakingly developed to achieve the best possible performance. Most models use multi-stepped headers and all our headers are ceramic coated or stainless steel. The muffler can is anodized to protect it and keep it looking great for a long time. Because we're concerned with noise restrictions, many of our exhaust systems will fit the OEM endcap (for stock noise level). For full race mode, we include our super trick billet aluminum end cap and US Forest Service approved spark arrester. We regularly test our competitors pipes and are confident that ours are the best exhaust systems made.
  • How fast will the CRF/XR80/100 go?

    Not very fast. That's why it's so stinkin' fun to ride. We do not measure top MPH of any motorcycles. In motocross, it isn't how fast it goes, but how quickly you get there.
  • What is the biggest problem with the CRF/XR80/100?

    The stock suspension is pretty grim and there is no easy way to fix it. The linkage ratio of the stock rear suspension is primitive and due to the locations of the linkage mounts it can't get much better. For starters, our stiffer springs can help prevent bottoming (they are sized for adults, but fast kids enjoy them just as much). We recommend starting with on stock fork spring and one stiff fork spring for the kids or lighter riders. The ultimate setup (with the stock equipment) is to run our triple clamp, with the stiff fork springs, and our swing arm with the Works Performance shock.
  • Why does BBR always use aluminum for its frames?

    When used correctly, aluminum is the strongest, lightest material available for use in motorcycle frame construction. Few companies use it because of the difficulty in machining, welding, and heat-treating. The BBR crew has worked closely with major motorcycle manufacturers perfecting the art of frame building. Why doesn't BBR do steel frame conversions anymore?Over the years, we've modified hundreds of CR80 frames to fit the CRF/XR80/100 motor. Because of the steel frame design, several compromises must be made to fit that motor. Our aluminum frame doesn't have these problems. As a result, we have completely stopped doing the steel frame conversions. When you add the cost of all the extra parts (that don't come with the other guy's steel frame conversion), the cost of the aluminum frame is quite good.
  • Will the upside down forks from bike "X" fit the CRF/XR80/100?

    No upside down fork (CR80/85, RM80/85, KX80/85/100, YZ80/85, etc) will bolt right on to the CRF/XR80/100. With a custom made steering stem (you'll need the triple clamps) any of the mini forks can be made to fit (BBR does NOT provide this service. Check with a machine shop in your area). Note that you will need the complete front wheel and brakes from the bike that you rob the forks from. The other problem is getting the back end to be the correct ride height to match the forks. The closest thing that you can do is run our swingarm with the Works Performance shock. If you intend to purchase the forks new from your local dealer expect to pay $2500+ just in parts.
  • Does BBR sell a disc brake setup for the CRF/XR80/100?

    No. Many back yard mechanics have modified the CRF/XR80/100 forks and swingarm to fit the wheels from some modern 2-stroke mini. Lots of work is required to make them fit. No kit exists to do this and the parts are very expensive if you purchase them directly from you local dealer. The aluminum frame kit (using the CR80/85 components) is the best way to get great brakes and great suspension.
  • Can you help me jet my CRF/XR80/100?

    There are not two XRs that are raced or ridden in the same climate. The quickest jetting test is to play with the choke. If your bike has an off-idle stumble, that gets better by pulling the choke on slightly, then you know that the bike is to lean. The quick fix is to move the clip on the needle down, or go up 5 sizes on the main jet. This is usually the case with any aftermarket pipe (BBR included). You are flowing more air which means you need more gas. The stock CRF/XR80 main jet is a 95, the stock CRF/XR100 main jet is 98. We recommend a 105 with our exhaust system for both bikes (for most common conditions and elevations). Other sizes are available from BBR or your Honda dealer.
  • Is the CRF/XR80/100 legal to race in the 2-stroke Super Mini class?

    Every track and racing organization is different. Check with your local track officials. Remember that the CRF/XR80/100 is a mini 4-stroke playbike. The CR/YZ/KX/RM80/85 are full on race bikes. No modifications to the XR will make it equal in performance to a modern 2-stroke mini. But it will still be more fun to ride.
  • Are the BBR CRF/XR80/100 springs too stiff for my 11 year old?

    Probably. These we're designed for adults, but we have lots of fast kids that absolutely love them. You'll have to make the decision. They are about 30% stiffer than the stock springs. Really fast kids may want to run one stiff spring and one stock spring.
  • What are the benefits of BBR triple clamps?

    The BBR upper triple clamp allows the fork tubes to be slid down 1" which raises the front of the bike. It also grabs a larger surface area of the fork tube which prevents fork flex. BBR offers the clamps in both standard and oversize handlebar mounts, and we have a wide variety of handlebar bends and colors. The bar mounts are two-way adjustable to customize the rider compartment. In addition, the bar mounts are taller.
  • Will the CRF/XR80/100 motor bolt into a CR 80/85 frame?

    No, but a BBR complete aluminum frame kit starts at $2999 and a rolling chassis starts at $6500. These kits allow you to use all the 96 and newer CR 80 components.
  • What are the benefits of the BBR chain guide?

    The stock chain guide only runs on one side of the chain. The BBR billet chain guide wraps all the way around the chain and sprocket making it almost impossible to derail the chain. Our chain guide has plastic on the sides, too, to keep from destroying your chain.
  • What is a BBR cradle kit?

    The cradle kit is a skid plate that ties the frame tubes together and helps to prevent frame stretch and, in a worst case scenario, engine damage. It also protects the engine cases from rock damage. The BBR engine cradle is made from heat-treated 6061 aluminum and anodized gold.
  • Should I run a flat slide carb on my TTR/XR?

    If you enjoy driving to your local dealer to buy jet after jet in a futile attempt to get rid of the big flat spot, then this carb is for you. If you prefer your bike not to idle or start easily and enjoy spending more time jetting than riding, then you should install the flat slide carb. The BBR guys finally found a use for the flat slide carb:
  • What should my suspension sag be set to with BBR springs?

    We recommend you set the sag at about two inches. Adjust the sag to rider preference for how quickly you would like the bike to steer.