Discontinued Products

Below you will find information about products BBR Motorsports, Inc no longer manufactures. We've keep these pages on our website to provide current owners of these items with information. If they are listed here, we do not have any available (new or used) and do not keep any information on current owners or where you might find one. As always, we recommend watching eBay, Craig's List (use an aggregate, like www.allofcraigslist.com to see the whole country), Planet Minis, and Thumper Talk. All of our current products are listed on our Product pages. Any remaining inventory of these items would be listed on our Product pages. If they are not found there - we no longer have any for sale.

Unfortunately, we cannot produce "one-offs" of any of these items. They were discontinued when we determined that they were no longer profitable to manufacture. The past 20 years of building playbike performance products has taught us that we need to sell a quantity of about 100, a year, of any particular item for it to break even. So if you can find 100 people to pay us up front, we'll consider making just about anything. It's that simple.

If you're looking for an item that isn't listed here or on our current Product pages, we also have a more historical section of our website. Check out our detailed BBR Product ID page for lots of photos and general information about BBR products of the past.








Billet Covers

Bore Kits



Cylinder Head