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BBR MM12P - Prices Starting @ $4999
BBR MM12P  -  Prices Starting @ $4999 

*The MM12P is designed, built and sold for competition use only, and is not EPA certified for use on public roads or highways, or on public land requiring green stickers (CA) or where other off-road EPA certifications are required.

In the spirit of our hand-fabricated BBR custom built competition bikes, we are excited to offer the BBR MM12P Production Race Bike.

The MM12P is 100% designed, engineered, tested and assembled here at BBR in the USA. It is built the way a true competition bike should be made. Affordability is obtained by using BBR manufacturing partners around the world in Taiwan, Japan, China, Italy. Combined with production from our own BBR USA factory in Auburn, Washington, the end result is truly unbelievable. Careful attention is paid to using industry standard nuts, bolts and bolt patterns, and each bike is fully upgradable to most BBR USA components.

With prices starting at $4,999, the highlight of the bike is the BBR USA made frame. BBR USA frames are 100% machined, welded and heat treated in the USA. The MM12P frame features include a BBR USA billet component aluminum Perimeter Production frame, billet SuperComp adjustable swingarm, and billet component removable aluminum subframe. In addition, this bike features the new D2 Production exhaust system, Marzocchi Shiver forks, BBR SuperShock, floating disc brakes, billet 6061 hubs and 7075 aluminum rims. The BBR Production bike does not settle for inferior components. Brake rotors, exhaust, footpegs, spokes and nipples are all high-grade stainless steel. Forged aluminum technology is used for the kickstarter and many other auxiliary items. Supported by a high performance 150cc Daytona competition engine, the BBR Production bike is delivered to your door ready to race..

Most important, this bike is supported by BBR’s reputable customer service team and a full BBR parts program, along with a number of upgrade options.

The BBR MM12P Production bike is designed for those who do not want to spend the amount of money it takes to build custom hand-crafted BBR mini, but are unwilling to waste money on one of the disposable knock-off bikes.

The MM12P offers the perfect balance between quality, performance, affordability and pride of ownership.
   • Frame: BBR USA MP2™ Billet Component Aluminum Perimeter Frame. 6061 billet head tube, side spars, and shock tower. 6061 extruded spar tubes. 2 position adjustable ride height (forward shock hole lowers seat height by ¾”). Same dimensions as used by BBR’s factory race team bikes
• Subframe: BBR USA 6061 Billet Component Aluminum
• Swingarm: BBR USA Billet SuperComp.™ 6061 billet aluminum swingarm with optional leverage blocks (red - soft, blue - medium, black -stiff). Blue block comes standard
• Engine: Daytona 150cc air-cooled four-stroke SOHC. Manual clutch 4-speed (N-1-2-3-4). User selectable ignition advance curve
• Carb: Japanese Keihin PE28
• Air Filter: BBR's exclusive U-Flow air filter system
• Pipe: BBR D2 production exhaust system. Stainless steel construction with stepped header
• Shifter: BBR forged aluminum shifter
• Shock: BBR SuperShock.™ Designed by BBR Motorsports and manufactured exclusively for BBR by DNM Taiwan. Forged and CNC machined body. Adjustable compression damping (12 clicks) and rebound damping (20 clicks). 8 inches of rear wheel travel. 1100 lbs. spring standard. Optional springs: 975 lbs. and 1200 lbs
• Fork: Marzocchi 35mm USD, 8 inches of travel, adjustable compression (10 clicks), adjustable rebound (10 clicks). Standard with .45 kg springs (stiffer .50 kg. available as option, softer .42 kg also available)
• Triple clamps: BBR USA works wrap clamps. 4 position adjustable handlebar mounts. Includes 1” removable risers for adjustable bar height
• Handlebars: BBR over-sized (1 1/8”) 7075 aluminum race team bars with BBR grips
• Clutch Lever: Genuine, made in USA, Works Connection clutch lever and perch
• Plastic: Exclusive BBR race team plastic using standard KLX110 mounting points
• Color: BBR inspired black with chrome inlaid graphics. Color options are available
• Gas Tank: BBR, made in USA, gas tank with BBR billet gas cap
• Wheels: Aluminum 7075 rims with straight pull stainless steel spokes and nipples. Billet Aluminum BBR race team hubs
• Brake rotors: BBR DeFlection Stainless Steel Rotors
• Brakes: BBR race team single piston floating calipers with billet caliper mounts
• Tires: Innova intermediate terrain. 60/100 x 14” front. 80/100 x 12” rear
• Brake Pedal: BBR USA Billet 6061 with roller bearing pivot, with 3 position adjustable tip
• Kickstarter: BBR Forged 7075 aluminum kickstarter
• Foot Pegs: BBR race team, over-sized
• Seat: BBR tall seat (KLX110 mounting points)
• Hardware: Industry standard 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, (Hex Heads)
  Options and Upgrades Include:
Colored Plastic/Graphics Upgrade Package - $99.95
(Available colors include: red, blue, yellow, orange, green, white)
Pre-Printed Number Plate Backgrounds - $79.95
(Includes: Rider number, name and installation)
BBR QuietCore Insert - $99.95
(Includes: Installtion and re-jet)
RK GB-MXZ Gold Racing Chain Upgrade - $25.00
(Includes: Installation)
Daytona/BBR Phase 1 Engine Kit Upgrade - $99.95
(Includes: high performance camshaft and installation)
Daytona/BBR Phase 2 160cc Engine Kit Upgrade - $599.95
(Includes: 160cc stroker crankshaft, performance camshaft, HD cam chain, HD clutch plate set and installation)
Daytona 4-Valve DOHC Motor Kit Upgrade - $2399.95
(Includes: Full Kit Upgrade, installation and custom intake manifold)
Works Connection Upgrade Package - $299.95
(Includes: Elite quick adjust lever, rotating brake bar clamp, E Z holeshot device, front/rear m/c covers and installation)



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Press Release
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Duane Brown tells all about the new MM12P

Part NumberApplicationPrice 
370-MMP-1215Motorcycle Complete - 2011 MM12P *** VIN # Daytona DT150E Engine # The Daytona 150cc engine in this motorcycle is imported by BBR Motorsports under the EPA guidelines for competition use only. It is not intended for use on public roads or highways. Please see important information on the attached Warranty Information sheet. Contact BBR Motorsports directly with any questions. $4,999.95
999-MMP-1215Complete Production Bike Deposit - $1,000$1,000.00