We're finally getting things back up and running as we recover from a fire that occurred in late January 2019. We hope to have our phones turned on again soon as well. In the meantime, we'll try to keep this page updated as we add inventory to the website. You are welcome to use our online ordering system to place orders or send us e-mails if you have any questions.

We understand that many of our customers will want to know when certain products will be available for purchase. Unfortunately, for many out of stock items, we don't yet have firm dates when we'll have them back in stock. Our plan is to update this page, with any information that we have, as soon as we have it. Many of our products have a lead time of anywhere from 30 - 120 days (under normal circumstances). Trying to do a whole bunch of items at once can slow things down. We want to get these items back in stock as badly as you want us to.

Also, note that some of these items may be in limited quantities and will sell out before we receive or build more. So you may see items we've added, in the past, but have no stock today. We're working on getting more. If you need a replacement part (gasket kit, rings, etc.) that are not showing stock, feel free to drop us an e-mail as we may have some that have not yet been added to inventory.

5/2/2019 - The following items were added to the website for purchase:

220-BBR-1003  Spark Arrestor - Screen

220-BBR-1008  Exhaust System - Foil Exhaust Label

220-BBR-1011  Exhaust System - D-Section Foil Exhaust Label

220-BBR-1012  Exhaust System - D2 Foil Exhaust Label (RH)

411-HCF-2305  Piston Kit - 240cc Bore Kit / CRF230F| 03-Present

411-HXR-5500  Bore Kit - 88cc W/Cam / XR/CRF50| 00-Present

411-KLX-1121  Camshaft - High Performance / KLX110 03-09 Only

411-KLX-1121  Camshaft - High Performance / KLX110/L| 10-16 Only

411-KLX-1150  Output Shaft - Forged w/1st Gear / KLX/DRZ110| 03- Present

411-KLX-1401  Bore Kit - 143cc W/Cam / KLX/DRZ110| 03-09 Only

411-KLX-1402  Bore Kit - 143cc (no cam) / KLX110/L| 03-Present

421-KEH-9001  Carburetor Repair Kit - 18mm Carb

422-HCF-1501  Carb Adapter - Keihin 26mm / CRF/XR

422-YTR-1201  Carb Adapter - Keihin 26mm / TTR/DRZ

430-HCF-1110  Air Filter Kit - U-Flow / CRF110F 13-Present

430-KLX-1105  Air Filter Kit - W/Bracket / KLX/DRZ110| 02-Present

430-KLX-1106  Air Filter - Stock/26mm Carb (40mm) KLX/DRZ110

430-KLX-1110  Air Filter Kit - U-Flow / KLX/DRZ110 02-Present

430-YTR-1201  Air Filter Kit - Free Flow / TTR125| 00-Present

430-YTR-1202  Air Filter Only - Free Flow / TTR125

451-HCF-1501  Rev Box - Honda / CRF150F| 03-05 / CRF230F| 03-Present

451-HXR-5001  Rev Box - Honda / XR/CRF50/70/80/100

451-KLX-1102  Rev Box - Kawasaki / KLX110/L| 10-Present

510-HXR-5110  Throttle Tube - Handlebar Kit Throttle / XR/CRF50 / CRF110F / TTR50 / DRZ70

512-BBR-1001  Throttle Cable - BBR 18mm/26mm Carb Kit / XR/CRF50 / KLX/DRZ110 / Bar Kit - CRF110F / DRZ70

537-BBR-1007  Shift Lever - BBR Aluminum Folding / KLX/DRZ110| 05-Present

550-HXR-5202  Brake Rotor - W/Bolts / BBR Rear Disc Brake Kit

4/22/2019 - The following items were added to the website for purchase:

320-HCF-1131  Skid Plate - Silver / CRF110F 13-Present

320-HXR-1011  Frame Cradle - Aluminum, Black / XR/CRF80/100 ,85-13

320-HXR-5011  Skid Plate - Black / XR/CRF50/70/Z50R

320-HXR-5031  Skid Plate - Silver / XR/CRF50/70/Z50R

320-KLX-1111  Skid Plate - Black / KLX/DRZ110, 02-Present

320-KLX-1131  Skid Plate - Silver / KLX/DRZ110, 02-Present

321-YTR-1231  Frame Cradle - Forged Aluminum, Silver / TTR125/L/E, 00-Present

330-BBR-1010  Swingarm Pivot Bearing - (ea) / All BBR Swingarms

330-BBR-1049  Swingarm Pivot Bushing - (ea) / XR/CRF50/70 / Super Stock S/A

330-BBR-1059  Swingarm Pivot Bushing - (ea) / KLX110 Super Stock

330-BBR-1061  Chain Adjuster - 8mm

340-HXR-1011  Chain Guide - Black / XR/CRF80/100, 85-13

340-YTR-1211  Chain Guide - Black / TTR125, 00 - Present

340-YTR-1221  Chain Guide - Blue / TTR125, 00-Present

391-BBR-1001  Spoke Wrench - Stock XR/CRF50 & BBR HD Spokes

391-HXR-5001  Spoke Set - HD Stock Hub 10'' / XR/CRF50, 00-Present / TTR50 / DRZ70 (1 wheel)

391-HXR-5002  Spoke Set - HD Stock Hub 12'' / XR/CRF50, 00-Present / TTR50 / DRZ70 (1 wheel)

391-KLX-1101  Spoke Set - HD Stock Hub 12'', Rear / KLX/DRZ110, CRF110F (1 wheel)

391-KLX-1102  Spoke Set - HD Stock Hub 14'', Front / KLX/DRZ110, 02-Present (1 wheel)

410-HXR-1005  Clutch Springs - HD / XR/CRF100, 93-13

410-KLX-1105  Clutch Springs - HD Auto Clutch / KLX/DRZ110, 03-Present

411-HCF-1920  Camshaft - High Performance / CRF150F, 06-17

411-HXR-1001  Bore Kit - 120cc W/Cam / XR/CRF100, 81-13

411-HXR-5500  Bore Kit - 88cc W/Cam / XR/CRF50, 00-Present

411-KLX-1402  Bore Kit - 143cc (no cam) / KLX110/L, 03-Present

411-KLX-1801  Bore Kit - 170cc / KLX140/L/G, 08-Present

411-KLX-1810  Gasket Kit - 170cc Bore Kit / KLX140/L/G, 08-Present

411-KLX-1811  Piston Kit - 170cc Bore Kit / KLX140/L/G, 08-Present

411-KLX-1812  Ring Set - 170cc Bore Kit / KLX140/L/G, 08-Present

411-KLX-1820  Camshaft - High Performance / KLX140/L/G, 08-Present

411-YTR-1201  Bore Kit - 150cc W/Cam / TTR125, 00-Present

414-KLX-1101  Shift Drum - 4-Speed / KLX/DRZ110, 03-09 Only

430-KLX-1109  Airbox Removal Bracket Only / KLX/DRZ110 02-Present

500-BBR-1001  Grips - BBR 'CR' Style

510-HXR-5012  Tripleclamp - Black / XR/CRF50, 00-Present

510-HXR-5101  Brake Cable - Handlebar Kit / XR/CRF50, 00-Present / TTR50, 06-Present / DRZ70, 08-Present

510-HXR-5102  Throttle Cable - Handlebar Kit, Stock Carb / XR/CRF50, 00-Present

510-HXR-5103  Throttle Assy - Handlebar Kit / XR/CRF50, 00-Present / CRF110F 13-Present / TTR50, 06-Present / DRZ70, 08-Present

510-HXR-5104  Brake Lever Assy - Handlebar Kit / XR/CRF50, 00-Present / CRF110F 13-Present

510-HXR-5105  Carb Top - Handlebar Kit / XR/CRF50, 00-Present / CRF110F 13-Present / DRZ70, 08-Present

510-HXR-5106  Kill Switch - Handlebar Kit / XR/CRF50, 00-Present

510-HXR-5107  High Rise Bars (8'') - Handlebar Kit / XR/CRF50, 00-Present / TTR50, 06-Present / DRZ70, 08-Present

511-BBR-1002  Number Plate Bracket - XR50/70

520-BBR-1031  Handlebar - BBR Aluminum MX, Midsize, Silver

537-BBR-1001  Shift Lever - BBR Aluminum Folding / XR/CRF50/70 / TTR50 / MM12P

537-BBR-1004  Shift Lever - BBR Aluminum Folding CRF150/230F / -3/8'' CRF150R, 07-Present / +1'' TTR125

633-MMP-1202  Front Axle - W/Nut 35mm Shiver / KLX/DRZ110 / MM12P

634-HCF-1101  Damping Rod Set - CRF110F, 13-Present

634-KLX-1101  Damping Rod Set - KLX/DRZ110, 02-Present (non L model)

650-DRZ-1205  Fork Springs - DRZ/KLX125, 03-Present

650-HCF-1105  Fork Springs - CRF110F, 13-Present

650-HCF-1505  Fork Springs - CRF150F, 03-Present

650-HCF-2305  Fork Springs - CRF230F, 03-Present

650-HCR-8005  Fork Springs - CRF150R, 07-Present / CR80/85, 96-Present

650-HXR-1005  Fork Springs - XR/CRF100, 85-13

650-HXR-5005  Fork Springs - XR/CRF50, 00-Present / DRZ70 08-Present

650-HXR-7005  Fork Springs - HD SP-5 / XR/CRF70, 97-Present

650-KLX-1105  Fork Springs - HD E-6 / KLX/DRZ110, 02-Present (non L model)

650-KLX-1305  Fork Springs - KLX110L, 2010-Present (L model only)

650-KLX-1405  Fork Springs - KLX140L, 08-Present

650-YTR-1105  Fork Springs - TTR110, 08-Present

650-YTR-1205  Fork Springs - TTR125, 00-Present

660-DRZ-1205  Shock Spring - DRZ/KLX125, 03-Present

660-HCF-1105  Shock Spring - CRF110F, 13-Present

660-HCF-1505  Shock Spring - CRF150/230F, 03-Present

660-HCR-8005  Shock Spring - CRF150R, 07-Present / CR80/85, 96-Present / KLX140L 08-Present

660-HXR-1005  Shock Spring - BBR/Elka Shock 975lb. / XR100, 85-03

660-HXR-1006  Shock Spring - BBR/Elka Shock 1100lb.

660-HXR-5005  Shock Spring - XR/CRF50, 00-Present / DRZ70, 08-Present

660-HXR-7005  Shock Spring - XR/CRF70, 97-Present

660-KLX-1205  Shock Spring - KLX/DRZ110, 04-Present (non L model)

660-KLX-1305  Shock Spring - KLX110L, 2010-Present (L model only)

660-YTR-1105  Shock Spring - TTR110, 08-Present

660-YTR-1205  Shock Spring - TTR125, 00-Present

716-HXR-5001  Tall Seat Assembly - XR/CRF50, 00-Present

720-BBR-1001  Bar Pad - BBR Standard (for BMX type bars)

810-BBR-1001  T-Shirt - BBR Factory, Black - Small

810-BBR-1002  T-Shirt - BBR Factory, Black - Medium

810-BBR-1003  T-Shirt - BBR Factory, Black - Large

810-BBR-1004  T-Shirt - BBR Factory, Black - X Large

810-BBR-1005  T-Shirt - BBR Factory, Black - XX Large

810-BBR-1006  T-Shirt - BBR Factory, Black - XXX Large

820-BBR-1101  Hooded Sweatshirt - BBR Factory, Black / Small

820-BBR-1102  Hooded Sweatshirt - BBR Factory, Black / Medium

820-BBR-1103  Hooded Sweatshirt - BBR Factory, Black / Large

820-BBR-1104  Hooded Sweatshirt - BBR Factory, Black / X Large

820-BBR-1105  Hooded Sweatshirt - BBR Factory, Black / XX Large