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CRF150F 175cc Big Bore Kit with Cam


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CRF150F 175cc Big Bore Kit with Cam
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CRF150F 175cc Big Bore Kit with Cam

Big bore kit for the 2003-2005 CRF150F. A simple bore in bore kit that includes BBR's high performance camshaft and valve springs for added performance. This cam features higher lift and duration than stock. Complete kit includes piston, rings, pin, clips, BBR MX cam, valve springs and gaskets. This is the quickest way to add the most power to your bike. Great when combined with our exhaust system, Rev-Box, and Free-Flow airfilter. Requires machining of stock cylinder for installation.

  • Adds up to 3.5 HP
  • 67mm piston, pin, clips, and rings
  • 10.75:1 compression ratio
  • Includes head and base gaskets
  • Makes more aggressive style of power
  • Bike still starts easily and idles smooth
  • Same camshaft as used by the BBR Race Team
  • Requires professional boring of your stock cylinder

Note: This bore kit only fits the 2003-2005 CRF150F. The 2006-2017 CRF150F is a completely different motor and will not accept this bore kit. For the 2006-2017 CRF150F checkout our 195 bore kit

Stock CRF150F 2003-2005 - 63.5mm bore, 49.5mm stroke

BBR General Jetting Guidelines Chart

Tech Info
411-HCF-1501 Instructions

Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
411-HCF-1501411-HCF-1501Bore Kit - 175cc W/Cam / CRF150F,

Replacement Parts

Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
411-HCF-1502411-HCF-1502Gasket Kit - 175cc Big Bore Kit / CRF150F,
411-HCF-1503411-HCF-1503Camshaft - High Performance / CRF150F, 03-05 /CRF230F,
411-HCF-1504411-HCF-1504Valve Spring Set - HD / CRF150F, 03-05 /CRF230F,
411-HCF-1505411-HCF-1505Piston Kit - 175cc Bore Kit / CRF150F,
411-HCF-1506411-HCF-1506Piston - 175cc Bore Kit / CRF150,
411-HCF-1507411-HCF-1507Ring Set - 175/240cc Bore Kit / CRF150, 03-05 / CRF230,
411-HCF-1508411-HCF-1508Piston Pin - 175/240cc Bore Kit / CRF150, 03-05 / CRF230,
411-HCF-1509411-HCF-1509Piston Pin Clips (2) - 175/240cc Bore Kit / CRF150, 03-05 / CRF230,
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