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BBR KLX/DRZ110 143cc Big Bore Kit


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BBR KLX/DRZ110 143cc Big Bore Kit
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BBR KLX/DRZ110 143cc Big Bore Kit

Easy bolt-on power. This is the largest bore kit available that does not require boring your engine cases for additional cylinder sleeve clearance. New aluminum cylinder with plated aluminum liner, high performance BBR MX camshaft with lightweight piston and gaskets are included in this complete and ready to go kit .

Please note application information below. There are a few engine changes for the 2010 and newer models that effect the fitment of this item.

  • Aluminum cylinder with plated aluminum sleeve
  • BBR high-performance camshaft
  • 60mm lightweight aluminum piston
  • Gasket kit including cylinder head, cylinder base and LH ignition cover gaskets

Application Notes:
411-KLX-1401 includes a BBR camshaft and can be used on 2003-2009 models ONLY.
411-KLX-1402 does not include the BBR camshaft and can be used on 2003-Present year models.
411-KLX-1403 includes a BBR camshaft and can be used on 2010-2016 year models ONLY.
411-KLX-1420 does not include the BBR camshaft and can be used on 2003-2010 models.

We have found that a very small number of KLX110's (about 1 out of 100) have cases that run a little tight and do not allow the oversize sleeved cylinder to be installed. This is a very rare case scenario and BBR has a cure for this. Please call 253-631-8233

BBR General Jetting Guidelines Chart

Stock KLX110 - 53.0mm bore, 50.6mm stroke

Tech Info
411-KLX-1401 Instructions

Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
411-KLX-1401411-KLX-1401Bore Kit - 143cc W/Cam / KLX/DRZ110, 03-09
411-KLX-1402411-KLX-1402Bore Kit - 143cc (no cam) / KLX110/L,
411-KLX-1403411-KLX-1403Bore Kit - 143cc W/Cam / KLX110/L, 10-16
411-KLX-1404411-KLX-1404Bore Kit - 143cc W/Cam / KLX110/L, 17-Present

Replacement Parts

Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
411-KLX-1120411-KLX-1120Camshaft - High Performance / KLX/DRZ110, 03-09
411-KLX-1410411-KLX-1410Gasket Kit - 143cc Bore Kit / KLX/DRZ110,
411-KLX-1411411-KLX-1411Piston Kit - 143cc Bore Kit / KLX/DRZ110,
411-KLX-1412411-KLX-1412Ring Set - 143cc Bore Kit / KLX/DRZ110,
411-KLX-1415411-KLX-1415Piston Pin Clips (2) - 143cc Bore Kit / KLX/DRZ110,
411-KLX-1416411-KLX-1416Piston Pin - 143cc Bore Kit / KLX/DRZ110,
411-KLX-1417411-KLX-1417Cylinder - 143cc Bore Kit / KLX/DRZ110,
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