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CRF/XR50 Handlebar kit


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CRF/XR50 Handlebar kit
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CRF/XR50 Handlebar kit

The first step to upgrading your pit bike. The most complete bar kit on the market includes everything you need. Complete kit includes 8" rise bars that are perfect for adult riders.

  • Black or Red anodized, CNC machined, billet aluminum top clamp
  • Chromoly 8" rise handlebar
  • Front brake lever with long cable
  • Standard turn throttle with long cable and custom carb top (stock carb)
  • CR type kill button with long length wires
  • BBR crossbar pad and BBR grips
  • Grip glue, instructions, and 6mm hex key wrench included
  • Fits Z50R with BBR Z50R Tripleclamp Conversion Plate

Note: This conversion changes the OEM Honda XR/CRF50 handlebars from 3/4" diameter to standard motorcycle/bicycle 7/8". This throttle, cable, and carb top are a special design to work with the super short slide of the OEM Keihin 13mm carb. If you have a larger aftermarket carb you will need a different throttle and cable (consider our carb kit throttle and cable). The throttle, cable, and carb top SHOULD fit the 1979-1999 Honda Z50R OEM carb - but you will have to figure out how to change the Z50R handlebars to 7/8" diameter. The tripleclamp in this handlebar kit does not fit the Z50R but BBR now has a top plate (click here) to adapt this to your bike. If you have a Chinese knock-off, of the Honda CRF50 or the Z50R, you are on your own. Most likely, none of this stuff will fit.

Tech Info
510-HXR-5011 Instructions

Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
510-HXR-5011510-HXR-5011Handlebar Kit - W/Tripleclamp, Black / XR/CRF50,
510-HXR-5041510-HXR-5041Handlebar Kit - w/Tripleclamp, Red / XR/CRF 50,

Replacement Parts

Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
500-BBR-1001500-BBR-1001Grips - BBR 'CR'
510-HXR-5012510-HXR-5012Tripleclamp - Black / XR/CRF50,
510-HXR-5042510-HXR-5042Tripleclamp - Red / XR/CRF50,
510-HXR-5100510-HXR-5100Controls Package - Handlebar Kit / XR/CRF50,
510-HXR-5101510-HXR-5101Brake Cable - Handlebar Kit / XR/CRF50, 00-Present / TTR50, 06-Present / DRZ70,
510-HXR-5102510-HXR-5102Throttle Cable - Handlebar Kit, Stock Carb / XR/CRF50, 00-Present / CRF110F 2013-2018 Bar Kit (stock carb)
510-HXR-5103510-HXR-5103Throttle Assy - Handlebar Kit / XR/CRF50, 00-Present / CRF110F 13-18/ TTR50, 06-Present / DRZ70,
510-HXR-5104510-HXR-5104Brake Lever Assy - Handlebar Kit / XR/CRF50, 00-Present / CRF110F
510-HXR-5105510-HXR-5105Carb Top - Handlebar Kit / XR/CRF50, 00-Present / CRF110F 13-18/ DRZ70,
510-HXR-5106510-HXR-5106Kill Switch - Handlebar Kit / XR/CRF50,
510-HXR-5107510-HXR-5107High Rise Bars (8") - Handlebar Kit / XR/CRF50, 00-Present / TTR50, 06-Present / DRZ70,
510-HXR-5110510-HXR-5110Throttle Tube - Handlebar Kit Throttle / XR/CRF50 / CRF110F / TTR50 /
511-BBR-1002511-BBR-1002Number Plate Bracket - XR50/
720-BBR-1001720-BBR-1001Bar Pad - BBR Standard (for BMX type bars)

Optional Parts

Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
Prop 65 Warning