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KLX/DRZ110 Marzocchi Shiver 35mm Works Fork Kit


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KLX/DRZ110 Marzocchi Shiver 35mm Works Fork Kit
QTY    $1,639.00
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KLX/DRZ110 Marzocchi Shiver 35mm Works Fork Kit

These forks are true motorcycle forks manufactured by a motorcycle fork manufacturer (Marzocchi). They represent the state-of-the-art in motorcycle suspension. Steel lower tubes are super strong and stand up to the mud and punishment of motocross.

  • 35mm upside down design
  • 8 inches of travel
  • 0.5kg. springs installed (current models)
  • Independent compression and rebound damping adjusters
  • Gold nitride coated lower tubes with guards
  • Adjustable spring preload
  • CNC Machined triple-clamp set and stainless steel axle/nut
  • Includes complete front wheel assembly (Hub, HD spokes, black 14" aluminum rim, tube and tire.)
  • Front disc brake system. (current models are 200mm rotor with Formula components)
  • Handlebars shown in picture are optional and not included with fork kit

632-KLX-1411 / Complete Fork Kit includes: Fork leg set, tripleclamp kit, 14" front wheel & Formula disc brake kit.

For complete fork package that upgrades to BBR brakes order the following items:
(1) 632-KLX-1501 / fork leg set w/tripleclamp kit, (1) 392-KLX-1311 / 14" front wheel & (1) 552-KLX-1331 / BBR disc brake kit.

Tech Info

Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
632-KLX-1411632-KLX-1411Fork Kit - Marzocchi Shiver 35mm Works 14", Black / KLX/DRZ110 ***$1,639.00Discontinued
632-KLX-1501632-KLX-1501Fork Leg/Clamp Kit - Marzocchi Shiver 35mm / KLX/DRZ110 ***$1,145.00Discontinued
Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
392-KLX-1311392-KLX-1311Wheel Assy - Front USD 35mm 14", Black / DRZ/KLX110 ***$273.00Discontinued
633-HXR-5001633-HXR-5001Brake Pad Set - Formula/Marzocchi$35.00Discontinued
633-HXR-5002633-HXR-5002Brake Lever - Formula/Marzocchi$59.00Discontinued
633-HXR-5004633-HXR-5004Disc Brake Rotor - 200mm - Formula/Marzocchi$55.50Discontinued
633-HXR-5005633-HXR-5005Fork Seal Set - 35mm Shiver / XR/CRF50 / KLX/DRZ110 / MM12P (both legs)$42.50
633-HXR-5104633-HXR-5104Fork Bushing - Inner / 35mm Shiver / XR/CRF50 / KLX/DRZ110$14.00Discontinued
633-HXR-5105633-HXR-5105Fork Bushing - Outer / 35mm Shiver / XR/CRF50 / KLX/DRZ110$14.00Discontinued
633-HXR-5106633-HXR-5106Fork Bushing - Piston / 35mm Shiver / XR/CRF50 / KLX/DRZ110$7.00Discontinued
633-KLX-1101633-KLX-1101Fork Guard Set - Black Plastic 35mm Shiver / KLX/DRZ110$49.95Discontinued
633-KLX-1102633-KLX-1102Front Axle - W/Nut/Spacer 35mm Shiver / KLX/DRZ110$60.00Discontinued
633-KLX-1106633-KLX-1106Fork Springs - .50kg. 35mm Shiver / KLX110, MM12P$79.95Discontinued
633-KLX-1151633-KLX-1151Brake Pad Set - Hayes/Marzocchi$36.00Discontinued
633-KLX-1152633-KLX-1152Brake Lever - Hayes/Marzocchi$46.00
Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
516-KLX-1101516-KLX-1101Steering Bearing Set - Tapered / KLX/DRZ110, 02-09 / MM12P$40.95
518-BBR-1001518-BBR-1001Cable Guide - BBR$8.95
552-KLX-1131552-KLX-1131Disc Brake Kit - BBR MX Front, 14", Silver / Marzocchi KLX110$499.95
552-KLX-1331552-KLX-1331Disc Brake Upgrade Kit - BBR MX Front / Marzocchi KLX110$289.95
552-KLX-1431552-KLX-1431Disc Brake Kit - BBR SuperMoto Front, 12", Silver / Marzocchi KLX110$499.95
552-KLX-1531552-KLX-1531Disc Brake Upgrade Kit - BBR SuperMoto Front / Marzocchi KLX110$289.95
633-KLX-1104633-KLX-1104Fork Springs - .42kg. 35mm Shiver / KLX/DRZ110$79.95Discontinued
633-KLX-1105633-KLX-1105Fork Springs - .45kg. 35mm Shiver / KLX110, MM12P$79.95Discontinued