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Bore Kit - 106cc Super Pro Stroker Kit / XR/CRF 50/70


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Bore Kit - 106cc Super Pro Stroker Kit / XR/CRF 50/70
QTY    $799.95
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Bore Kit - 106cc Super Pro Stroker Kit / XR/CRF 50/70

For those who want arm-jerking power, this kit is for you. This complete 106cc package includes a 50mm stroker crankshaft and 52mm BBR cast aluminum cylinder. The cylinder retains mounts for the skid plate installation. The ultimate combination of horsepower and performance. No case boring required.

Fits Honda XR/CRF50 and XR/CRF70 engines.

  • BBR big valve/big port cylinder head
  • BBR billet cam cover
  • 52mm 11:1 piston, rings, pin & clips
  • 26mm Mikuni carb kit with throttle and cable
  • Assortment of main and pilot jets
  • performance manifold and air filter
  • BBR aluminum cylinder
  • BBR HD clutch springs
  • Exclusive MX grind camshaft
  • High-volume oil pump
  • Complete top end gasket set
  • Detailed instructions

Tech Info

Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
411-HXR-5305411-HXR-5305Bore Kit - 106cc Super Pro Stroker Kit / XR/CRF50/70$799.95Discontinued
Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
411-HXR-5212411-HXR-5212Ring Set - 88cc/106cc S/P-FTP Kit / XR/CRF50/70$32.00
411-HXR-5220411-HXR-5220Crankcase Gaskets - XR/CRF50$16.95
411-HXR-5250411-HXR-5250Cylinder - BBR Aluminum, 52mm / XR/CRF50$155.00
411-HXR-5251411-HXR-5251Cylinder Head Assembly - BBR Big Valve/Port / XR/CRF50$300.00
411-HXR-5252411-HXR-5252Camshaft - BBR Super Pro 88/106cc Bore Kit / XR/CRF50$129.95
411-HXR-5255411-HXR-5255Oil Pump - BBR High Flow W/Gasket / XR/CRF50$49.95
411-HXR-5262411-HXR-5262Rocker Arm/Shaft Kit - 88cc Super Pro Bore Kit / XR/CRF50$32.95
411-HXR-5265411-HXR-5265Valve Set - Intake (25mm) / Exhaust (22mm) SuperPro Bore Kit / XR/CRF50$65.00
411-HXR-5310411-HXR-5310Gasket Kit - 106cc Super Pro Stroke Up Kit / XR/CRF50$29.95
411-HXR-5311411-HXR-5311Piston Kit - 106cc Super Pro Stroke Up Kit / XR/CRF50$105.00Discontinued
411-HXR-5350411-HXR-535050mm Stroker Crankshaft (88 to 106)$249.00
512-BBR-1001512-BBR-1001Throttle Cable - BBR 18mm/26mm Carb Kit / XR/CRF50 / KLX/DRZ110 / Bar Kit - CRF110F / DRZ70$24.00
512-BBR-2001512-BBR-2001Throttle Assembly - BBR Carb Kits / Brake Kits$22.95
Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
385-HXR-5015385-HXR-5015Sprocket - Front, 15T / XR/CRF50, 00-Present$16.95
430-HXR-5003430-HXR-5003Air Filter - UNI, 1 3/4"(44mm) X 4", Straight / 26mm Carb / XR/CRF50/70$18.95
451-HXR-5001451-HXR-5001Rev Box - Honda / XR/CRF50/70/80/100$69.95
512-BBR-3002512-BBR-3002Aluminum Throttle Tube - BBR Carb Kit / Brake Kit Throttle$42.95