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Frame Kit -V3 Perimeter Mid-Size Pro / XR/CRF50


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Frame Kit -V3 Perimeter Mid-Size Pro / XR/CRF50
QTY    $3,999.95
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Frame Kit -V3 Perimeter Mid-Size Pro / XR/CRF50

The V3 Perimeter Frame Kit for the MidSize Pro uses KLX110 Perimeter Frame Geometry, forks, wheels, seat and plastic. What distinguishes this frame from the BBR 110 Perimeter Frame is that it utilizes a CRF50-based motor. That's right, you can have a mid-size chassis with a high-horsepower CRF50-based power plant. With today's advanced technology in CRF50 engines, you can achieve a superior power-to-weight ratio with the MidSize Pro from BBR. This frame can be configured to fit a KLX110 motor by simply changing a few components. Also available as Complete Race Ready Bike or Rolling Chassis. Call for details.

  • Patented BBR perimeter frame design
  • 6061 aluminum twin spar construction
  • 6061 Billet adjustable SuperComp Swingarm
  • 8" of rear wheel travel utilizing a one-of-a-kind BBR SuperShock, custom-built specifically for the BBR Perimeter frame. It is fully rebuildable, uses standard size valving and shims and has a giant 16mm shaft. It also provides adjustable compression and rebound with optional spring rates
  • Tapered steering bearings pre-installed for easy assembly
  • Brushed aluminum finish
  • Converts to accept KLX 110 motor with simple change of a few components
  • Comes complete with MSO paperwork for easy registration

V3 Frame Kit includes: frame, sub-frame, SuperComp Swingarm, shock, D2 Exhaust, gas tank, footpeg mounts, brake pedal, side panels, chain guide, kick starter and BBR gas cap.

Note: Brake pedal supplied includes pedal arm for use with drum brake. Disc brake pedal arm will be included with BBR disc brake upgrade kit or can be purchased seperately (item # 550-KLX-1350)

Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
350-BBR-5025350-BBR-5025Frame Kit - V3 Perimeter Mid-Size Pro / XR/CRF50*** VIN #$3,999.95Discontinued
Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
120-KLX-1541120-KLX-1541Brake Pedal - Billet Aluminum Drum Brake, Perimeter Frame & V3 / KLX/DRZ110, MidSize Pro$189.95
120-KLX-1741120-KLX-1741Brake Pedal - Billet Aluminum Disc Brake, Perimeter Frame V3 Only/ KLX110, MidSize Pro$189.95
330-BBR-1058330-BBR-1058Swingarm Pivot Bushing - (ea) / Perimeter 110 w/Supercomp S/A$12.75
330-BBR-1101330-BBR-1101Chain Slider - SuperComp Swingarms$22.50
330-BBR-1201330-BBR-1201Leverage Block - Red/Soft / Supercomp S/A$55.95
330-BBR-1202330-BBR-1202Leverage Block - Blue/Medium / Supercomp S/A$55.95
330-BBR-6006330-BBR-6006Swingarm - SuperComp Adjustable, +2.5" / SuperPro/Perimeter 110$699.95Discontinued
350-BBR-6105350-BBR-6105Subframe - Perimeter KLX110/Midsize Pro Aluminum *$269.95Discontinued
516-KLX-1101516-KLX-1101Steering Bearing Set - Tapered / KLX/DRZ110, 02-09 / MM12P$40.95
640-KLX-1105640-KLX-1105Shock - BBR/Elka Shock w/1100lb spring / KLX/DRZ Perimeter-S/P *$699.95Discontinued
641-HXR-5102641-HXR-5102Bearing/Bushing/Seal Kit - BBR/Elka Shock / XR/CRF50 / KLX110$49.75
660-HXR-1006660-HXR-1006Shock Spring - BBR/Elka Shock 1100lb.$109.95
702-MMP-1201702-MMP-1201Side Panel Set - Perimeter Frame, White / MM12P, KLX/DRZ110, MidSize Pro$49.95
705-KLX-1101705-KLX-1101Gas Tank - Perimeter Frame KLX/DRZ110 / MidSize Pro / MM12P$149.95
Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
330-BBR-1203330-BBR-1203Leverage Block - Black/Stiff / Supercomp S/A$55.95
355-BBR-5001355-BBR-5001Frame Conversion Kit - V3 Perimeter MidSize Pro to KLX110 *$599.95
550-KLX-1311550-KLX-1311Disc Brake Kit - BBR Rear, Black / V3 Perimeter Frame KLX110/Midsize Pro$529.95
550-KLX-1331550-KLX-1331Disc Brake Kit - BBR Rear, Silver / V3 Perimeter Frame KLX110/Midsize Pro$529.95
550-KLX-1350550-KLX-1350Pedal Arm - Billet Aluminum, Disc Brake, V3 Perimeter Frame / KLX110/Midsize Pro$39.50
632-KLX-1411632-KLX-1411Fork Kit - Marzocchi Shiver 35mm Works 14", Black / KLX/DRZ110 ***$1,639.00Discontinued
660-HXR-1005660-HXR-1005Shock Spring - BBR/Elka Shock 975lb. / XR100, 85-03$109.95
660-HXR-1007660-HXR-1007Shock Spring - BBR/Elka Shock 1200lb. (D*) Blowout Sale $69.95$109.95
716-KLX-1101716-KLX-1101Tall Seat Assembly - KLX/DRZ110, 02-09 Only$89.95