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Frame Kit - Perimeter +2"/+5" w/Supercomp Adj. Swingarm / XR/CRF50


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Frame Kit - Perimeter +2"/+5" w/Supercomp Adj. Swingarm / XR/CRF50
QTY    $3,299.95
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Frame Kit - Perimeter +2"/+5" w/Supercomp Adj. Swingarm / XR/CRF50

The BBR Perimeter Frame Kit is the ultimate upgrade for your XR/CRF50. An engineering masterpiece with the results to back it up. This frame has won numerous 50cc titles in America and around the world: Langtown, White Bros. World Championship, Screwy-Dilla, Sweet Bud, Vegas MiniMoto SX, Texas MiniMoto, Northwest Indoor Championship, Australia National Championship, and many more. The unique frame and swingarm design provides superior handling and eliminates the motor as a stress member of the frame. Broken motor cases and twitchy handling are a thing of the past! 100% engineered, machined, welded, heat-treated and tested in the USA. No other frame on the market even comes close.

  • Patented BBR perimeter frame design
  • 6061 aluminum twin spar construction 2" longer than stock
  • 6061 Billet adjustable SuperComp Swingarm 5" longer than stock
  • 8" of rear wheel travel utilizing a one-of-a-kind BBR SuperShock (by Elka), custom-built specifically for the BBR Perimeter frame. It is fully rebuildable, uses standard size valving and shims and has a giant 16mm shaft. It also provides adjustable compression and rebound with optional spring rates. (Standard spring rate is 1,100 lbs.)
  • Full D2 exhaust system (big bore spec)
  • Tapered steering bearings pre-installed for easy assembly
  • Brushed aluminum finish
  • Comes complete with MSO paperwork for easy registration

Complete Frame Kit includes: frame, subframe, swingarm, shock, D2 exhaust system, custom tank, footpeg mounts, carb manifold adapter, chain guide and BBR billet gas cap.

Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
350-BBR-5010350-BBR-5010Frame Kit - Perimeter +2"/+5" w/Supercomp Adj. Swingarm / XR/CRF50*** VIN #$3,299.95Discontinued
Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
110-HCR-1204110-HCR-1204Gas Cap - Billet, "R"$69.95
205-HXR-5035205-HXR-5035Exhaust System - D2, Silver / Perimeter CRF50$349.95Discontinued
330-BBR-1010330-BBR-1010Swingarm Pivot Bearing - (ea) / All BBR Swingarms$14.75
330-BBR-1056330-BBR-1056Swingarm Pivot Bushing - (ea) / Perimeter 50 w/Supercomp S/A$12.75
330-BBR-1101330-BBR-1101Chain Slider - SuperComp Swingarms$22.50
330-BBR-1201330-BBR-1201Leverage Block - Red/Soft / Supercomp S/A$55.95
330-BBR-1202330-BBR-1202Leverage Block - Blue/Medium / Supercomp S/A$55.95
330-BBR-5007330-BBR-5007Swingarm - SuperComp Adjustable, +5" / SuperPro/Perimeter 50$699.95Discontinued
340-HXR-5011340-HXR-5011Chain Guide - Black / XR/CRF50, 00-Present$74.95
350-BBR-5105350-BBR-5105Subframe - Perimeter 50 Aluminum *$279.95
350-BBR-5112350-BBR-5112Chain Roller - SuperPro/Perimeter Frames$14.50
516-HXR-5001516-HXR-5001Steering Bearing Set - Tapered / XR/CRF50/70/80/100$40.95
640-HXR-5502640-HXR-5502Shock - BBR/Elka w/1100lb spring / XR/CRF50 Perimeter-S/P Frames *$699.95Discontinued
641-HXR-5102641-HXR-5102Bearing/Bushing/Seal Kit - BBR/Elka Shock / XR/CRF50 / KLX110$49.75
641-HXR-5105641-HXR-5105Shock Seal Head Assy - BBR/Elka Shock / XR/CRF50/KLX110$80.50
660-HXR-1006660-HXR-1006Shock Spring - BBR/Elka Shock 1100lb.$109.95
705-HXR-5001705-HXR-5001Gas Tank - Perimeter Frame / XR/CRF50$149.95
Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
212-BBR-5005212-BBR-5005Exhaust Header - D-Section Oversized / Perimeter 50 Frame$169.95Discontinued
330-BBR-1203330-BBR-1203Leverage Block - Black/Stiff / Supercomp S/A$55.95
530-IMS-1001530-IMS-1001Footpegs - IMS Pro-Series 4 / XR/CRF50/70/80/100$95.95
550-HXR-5011550-HXR-5011Disc Brake Kit - BBR Rear, Black / Perimeter Frame XR/CRF50$549.95
550-HXR-5031550-HXR-5031Disc Brake Kit - BBR Rear, Silver / Perimeter Frame XR/CRF50$549.95
585-HXR-5002585-HXR-5002Tank Cover - Carbon Fiber / Perimeter XR/CRF50$49.95
632-HXR-5511632-HXR-5511Fork Kit - Marzocchi Shiver 35mm Works 12", Black / XR/CRF50 ***$1,350.00Discontinued
660-HXR-1005660-HXR-1005Shock Spring - BBR/Elka Shock 975lb. / XR100, 85-03$109.95
660-HXR-1007660-HXR-1007Shock Spring - BBR/Elka Shock 1200lb. (D*) Blowout Sale $69.95$109.95