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BBR CRF/XR50 Rear Disc Brake Kit


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BBR CRF/XR50 Rear Disc Brake Kit
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BBR CRF/XR50 Rear Disc Brake Kit

The BBR Rear Disc Brake Kit for the CRF/XR50 is the best in the industry. We've destroyed hundreds of prototypes and trash canned every mountain bike brake made. We wouldn't sell it until it could hold up to the abuse the BBR race team dishes out. This is a real motorcycle brake developed from the ground up for the CRF/XR50. Super strong with unbelievable pedal feel. This is the ultimate fix for your broken rear hub blues. Includes billet aluminum hub, full motorcycle style brake system, and billet aluminum brake pedal. Fits BBR Perimeter Frame Kit, or most other frames with our adapter kit.

  • 1 piece billet aluminum hub in black or silver
  • Ultra tough with 3 bearing design
  • Thick motorcycle brake rotor
  • Full hydraulic motorcycle mini brake caliper and master cylinder (NOT mountain bike brakes)
  • Billet brake pedal with (3 position) replaceable tip
  • Fits standard CRF/XR50 sprockets
  • Adapter kit allows the rear disc brake to fit the OEM Honda frame, the BBR Super Pro aluminum frame, and most aftermarket frames and swingarms
  • Galfer Wave Rotor now available!
  • This hub requires our 10" heavy duty spoke set or our 12" heavy duty spoke set

Check out our heavy duty spoke sets and anodized aluminum rims. We also have a great selection of tires and tubes and don't forget the rim lock.

Tech Info
550-HXR-5011 Instructions
550-HXR-5011 Instructions

Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
550-HXR-5011550-HXR-5011Disc Brake Kit - BBR Rear, Black / Perimeter Frame XR/CRF50$549.95
550-HXR-5031550-HXR-5031Disc Brake Kit - BBR Rear, Silver / Perimeter Frame XR/CRF50$549.95
Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
550-HXR-5050550-HXR-5050Adapter Kit - BBR Rear Disc Brake / Stock XR/CRF50 / Super Pro$89.95
550-HXR-5111550-HXR-5111Hub - BBR Disc Brake, Black / XR/CRF50$219.95
550-HXR-5131550-HXR-5131Hub - BBR Disc Brake, Silver / XR/CRF50$219.95
550-HXR-5190550-HXR-5190Bearing - BBR Rear Disc Brake Hub / XR/CRF50, KLX/DRZ110$11.50
550-HXR-5191550-HXR-5191Wheel Spacer Kit - BBR Disc Brake Hub / XR/CRF50$24.50
550-HXR-5201550-HXR-5201Brake System - Caliper & Master Cylinder / BBR Rear Disc Brake Kit$165.95
550-HXR-5202550-HXR-5202Brake Rotor - W/Bolts / BBR Rear Disc Brake Kit$49.95
550-HXR-5203550-HXR-5203Brake Pads - BBR Front/Rear Disc Brake Kits$25.50
550-HXR-5204550-HXR-5204Elbow Fitting - Brake Line / BBR Rear Disc Brake Kit$4.75
550-HXR-5205550-HXR-5205Clevis/Pin/Clip - BBR Rear Disc Brake Kit$8.95
550-HXR-5210550-HXR-5210Brake Rotor - Galfer Wave 155mm/BBR Rear Disc Brake Kit$129.95
Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
390-HXR-5101390-HXR-5101Rim - Aluminum 10", Gold / XR/CRF50, 00-Present / TTR50 / DRZ70$99.95
390-HXR-5111390-HXR-5111Rim - Aluminum 10", Black / XR/CRF50, 00-Present / TTR50 / DRZ70$99.95
390-HXR-5121390-HXR-5121Rim - Aluminum 10", Blue / XR/CRF50, 00-Present / TTR50 / DRZ70$99.95
390-HXR-5141390-HXR-5141Rim - Aluminum 10", Red / XR/CRF50, 00-Present / TTR50 / DRZ70$99.95
390-HXR-5201390-HXR-5201Rim - Aluminum 12", Gold / XR/CRF50, 00-Present / TTR50 / DRZ70$104.95
390-HXR-5211390-HXR-5211Rim - Aluminum 12", Black / XR/CRF50, 00-Present / TTR50 / DRZ70$104.95
390-HXR-5221390-HXR-5221Rim - Aluminum 12", Blue / XR/CRF50, 00-Present / TTR50 / DRZ70$104.95
390-HXR-5241390-HXR-5241Rim - Aluminum 12", Red / XR/CRF50, 00-Present / TTR50 / DRZ70$104.95
391-HXR-5001391-HXR-5001Spoke Set - HD Stock Hub 10" / XR/CRF50, 00-Present / TTR50 / DRZ70 (1 wheel)$65.95
391-HXR-5002391-HXR-5002Spoke Set - HD Stock Hub 12" / XR/CRF50, 00-Present / TTR50 / DRZ70 (1 wheel)$65.95
393-HXR-5004393-HXR-5004Tire - Dunlop D756 2.75 X 10..** WA Residents - Add Tire Fee**$38.95
393-HXR-5023393-HXR-5023Tire - Michelin MS2 2.50 X 12 F..** WA Residents - Add Tire Fee**$36.95
395-HXR-5001395-HXR-5001Rim Lock - 1.60$12.95
550-HXR-5210550-HXR-5210Brake Rotor - Galfer Wave 155mm/BBR Rear Disc Brake Kit$129.95