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TT-R50 Handlebar kit


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TT-R50 Handlebar kit
QTY    $259.95
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TT-R50 Handlebar kit

Raises the handlebars for adult back-yard racing. The only kit available with all necessary parts. Fits TTR50's from 2006 to 2009 only.

  • Black or Blue anodized, CNC machined, billet aluminum top clamp
  • chromoly 8" rise handlebar
  • Front brake lever with long cable
  • Standard turn throttle with long cable and custom carb top (stock carb)
  • "CR" type kill button with long length wires (TT-R50 BBR exclusive!)
  • Starter button
  • Number plate and ignition switch brackets
  • Choke assembly
  • BBR crossbar pad and BBR grips, grip glue, instructions, and 6mm hex key wrench included

Application Notes:
510-YTR-5011 will only fit models from 2006-2009.

If you are running the GYTR 84cc Big Bore Kit (Yamaha # GYT-1P605-50-00), you will need to purchase the Carb Adapter Kit in order to complete the installation. Item # 510-YTR-5210.

Tech Info

Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
510-YTR-5011510-YTR-5011Handlebar Kit - W/Tripleclamp, Black / TTR50, 06-09$259.95Discontinued
Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
500-BBR-1001500-BBR-1001Grips - BBR 'CR' Style$9.95
510-HXR-5101510-HXR-5101Brake Cable - Handlebar Kit / XR/CRF50, 00-Present / TTR50, 06-Present / DRZ70, 08-Present$24.00
510-HXR-5103510-HXR-5103Throttle Assy - Handlebar Kit / XR/CRF50, 00-Present / CRF110F 13-Present / TTR50, 06-Present / DRZ70, 08-Present$24.95
510-HXR-5107510-HXR-5107High Rise Bars (8") - Handlebar Kit / XR/CRF50, 00-Present / TTR50, 06-Present / DRZ70, 08-Present$32.95
510-HXR-5110510-HXR-5110Throttle Tube - Handlebar Kit Throttle / XR/CRF50 / CRF110F / TTR50 / DRZ70$14.95
510-YTR-5111510-YTR-5111Tripleclamp - Black / TTR50, 06-Present$139.95Discontinued
510-YTR-5121510-YTR-5121Tripleclamp - Blue / TTR50, 06-Present$139.95Discontinued
510-YTR-5201510-YTR-5201Kill Switch - Handlebar Kit / TTR50, 06-Present$12.95
510-YTR-5202510-YTR-5202Starter Button - Handlebar Kit / TTR50, 06-Present$14.95
510-YTR-5203510-YTR-5203Carb Top - Handlebar Kit / TTR50, 06-09$15.50
510-YTR-5204510-YTR-5204Choke Assembly - Handlebar Kit / TTR50, 06-Present$8.95
510-YTR-5205510-YTR-5205Choke Adapter - Handlebar Kit / TTR50, 06-Present$4.50
510-YTR-5206510-YTR-5206Number Plate Bracket - Handlebar Kit / TTR50, 06-Present$7.50
510-YTR-5207510-YTR-5207Ignition Switch Bracket - Handlebar Kit / TTR50, 06-Present$7.50
510-YTR-5208510-YTR-5208Throttle Cable - Handlebar Kit / TTR50, 06-09$24.00
720-BBR-1001720-BBR-1001Bar Pad - BBR Standard (for BMX type bars)$9.95
Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
510-HXR-5108510-HXR-5108Low Rise Bars (6") - Handlebar Kit / XR/CRF50, 00-Present / TTR50, 06-Present / DRZ70, 08-Present$32.95
510-YTR-5210510-YTR-5210Carb Adapter Kit - GYTR$29.95
716-YTR-5001716-YTR-5001Tall Seat Assembly - TTR50, 06-Present$89.95Discontinued