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Jet - Mikuni Hex Main


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Jet - Mikuni Hex Main
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Jet - Mikuni Hex Main

Main jet for the following Mikuni carb kits:

420-HXR-5005 BBR 26mm Mikuni Carb Kit, XR/CRF50
420-KLX-1102 BBR 26mm Mikuni Carb Kit, KLX/DRZ110

    Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
    421-MIK-5150421-MIK-5150Jet - Mikuni 150 Hex
    421-MIK-5155421-MIK-5155Jet - Mikuni 155 Hex
    421-MIK-5160421-MIK-5160Jet - Mikuni 160 Hex
    421-MIK-5165421-MIK-5165Jet - Mikuni 165 Hex
    421-MIK-5170421-MIK-5170Jet - Mikuni 170 Hex
    421-MIK-5175421-MIK-5175Jet - Mikuni 175 Hex
    421-MIK-5180421-MIK-5180Jet - Mikuni 180 Hex
    421-MIK-5185421-MIK-5185Jet - Mikuni 185 Hex
    421-MIK-5190421-MIK-5190Jet - Mikuni 190 Hex
    421-MIK-5195421-MIK-5195Jet - Mikuni 195 Hex
    421-MIK-5200421-MIK-5200Jet - Mikuni 200 Hex

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    Prop 65 Warning