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Big Bore Kit - Kitaco 160cc SE-4V / KLX/DRZ110 *


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Big Bore Kit - Kitaco 160cc SE-4V / KLX/DRZ110 *
QTY    $2,199.95
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Big Bore Kit - Kitaco 160cc SE-4V / KLX/DRZ110 *

Complete 160cc 4-Valve Big Bore Kit. Kitaco engineers designed a brand new SOHC 4-Valve head that produces exceptional horsepower and is available in two displacement packages. This 160cc version and a very potent 143cc version. Key features of this new head design include: centered spark plug location for superior combustion effeciency, Pent Roof combustion chamber design and the use of Y-Style slipper type rocker arms. This rocker arm design is lighter weight then typical screw type and runs with less friction. A forged, 60mm piston with MoS2 coating is matched to an aluminum cylinder with a plated aluminum sleeve. A 56mm stroker crankshaft is then used to create a displacement of 160cc. This is the same engine kit used by the BBR Race Team to dominate the MM12E class in 2008.

  • 4-Valve Head Assembly
  • Aluminum cylinder with plated aluminum sleeve
  • Forged, moly coated piston kit (60mm/14mm pin)
  • Stroker crankshaft (56mm/14mm piston pin)
  • HD cam chain
  • Gasket kit

Additional Specifications:
160cc = 60mm bore x 56mm stroke, Valve Size = Intake: 21.5mm x (2), Exhaust: 18.5mm x (2)

Stock KLX110 - 53.0mm bore, 50.6mm stroke
Additional BBR Race Team Mods are available to further enhance the performance of this item. Call BBR for details.

Installation Notes:
Requires crankcase mod for crankshaft clearance. Or, BBR # 410-KLX-1200.

BBR General Jetting Guidelines Chart

Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
410-KLX-1601410-KLX-1601Big Bore Kit - Kitaco 160cc SE-4V / KLX/DRZ110 *$2,199.95Discontinued
Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
410-KLX-1176410-KLX-1176Spark Plug - ND IY24 / Kitaco SE Heads *$29.50
410-KLX-1180410-KLX-1180Camchain - Kitaco Silent/HD (94L) / KLX/DRZ110*$60.95
410-KLX-1412410-KLX-1412Ring Set - Kitaco 143cc/160cc SE-4V (60mm) *$28.95
410-KLX-1415410-KLX-1415Intake Valve - Kitaco SE-4V (ea) *$92.50
410-KLX-1416410-KLX-1416Exhaust Valve - Kitaco SE-4V (ea)*$112.50
410-KLX-1419410-KLX-1419Valve Spring - Kitaco SE-4V (ea) *$18.50
410-KLX-1420410-KLX-1420Camshaft - Kitaco SE-4V *$120.95
410-KLX-1421410-KLX-1421Rocker Arm - Kitaco SE-4V (ea) *$67.50
410-KLX-1422410-KLX-1422Tappet Cover Gasket - Kitaco SE-4V (ea) *$2.25
410-KLX-1450410-KLX-1450Race Head - Kitaco SE-4V 4-valve / KLX/DRZ110 *$1,295.95
410-KLX-1611410-KLX-1611Piston and Gasket Kit - Kitaco 160cc SE-4V *$235.95
410-KLX-1618410-KLX-1618Crankshaft - Kitaco 160cc SE-4V *$532.50
Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
205-KLX-1132205-KLX-1132Exhaust System - D2 Big Bore, Silver / KLX/DRZ110/L, 02-Present$299.95Discontinued
410-KLX-1177410-KLX-1177Spark Plug - ND IY27 / Kitaco SE Heads *$29.50
410-KLX-1200410-KLX-1200Crankcase Set - Pre-Bored / 160cc Bore Kits /KLX/DRZ110 03-09 *$235.95
411-KLX-1150411-KLX-1150Output Shaft - Forged w/1st Gear / KLX/DRZ110, 03- Present$169.95
420-KLX-1105420-KLX-1105Carb Kit - Kitaco Keihin PWK 28mm (SE heads) / KLX/DRZ110 *$289.95