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Big Bore Kit - Kitaco 143cc SE-4V / KLX/DRZ110*


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Big Bore Kit - Kitaco 143cc SE-4V / KLX/DRZ110*
QTY    $1,849.95
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Big Bore Kit - Kitaco 143cc SE-4V / KLX/DRZ110*

Complete 143cc 4-Valve Big Bore Kit. Kitaco engineers designed a brand new SOHC 4-Valve head that produces exceptional horsepower and is available in two displacement packages. This potent 143cc version and a very aggressive 160cc version. Key features of this new head include: centered spark plug location for superior combustion effeciency, Pent Roof combustion chamber design and the use of Y-Style slipper type rocker arms. This rocker arm design is lighter weight then typical screw type and runs with less friction. A forged, 60mm piston with MoS2 coating is matched to an aluminum cylinder with a plated aluminum sleeve.

  • 4-Valve Head Assembly
  • Aluminum cylinder with plated aluminum sleeve
  • Forged, moly coated piston kit (60mm/13mm pin)
  • HD cam chain
  • Gasket kit

Additional Specifications:
143cc = 60mm bore x 50.6mm stroke (stock crank), Valve Size = Intake: 21.5mm x (2), Exhaust: 18.5mm x (2)

Stock KLX110 - 53.0mm bore, 50.6mm stroke
Additional BBR Race Team Mods are available to further enhance the performance of this item. Call BBR for details.

BBR General Jetting Guidelines Chart

Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
410-KLX-1401410-KLX-1401Big Bore Kit - Kitaco 143cc SE-4V / KLX/DRZ110*$1,849.95Discontinued
Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
410-KLX-1176410-KLX-1176Spark Plug - ND IY24 / Kitaco SE Heads *$29.50
410-KLX-1180410-KLX-1180Camchain - Kitaco Silent/HD (94L) / KLX/DRZ110*$60.95
410-KLX-1410410-KLX-1410Gasket Kit - Kitaco 143cc SE/SE-4V *$25.95
410-KLX-1411410-KLX-1411Piston and Gasket Kit - Kitaco 143cc SE-4V *$235.95
410-KLX-1412410-KLX-1412Ring Set - Kitaco 143cc/160cc SE-4V (60mm) *$28.95
410-KLX-1415410-KLX-1415Intake Valve - Kitaco SE-4V (ea) *$92.50
410-KLX-1416410-KLX-1416Exhaust Valve - Kitaco SE-4V (ea)*$112.50
410-KLX-1419410-KLX-1419Valve Spring - Kitaco SE-4V (ea) *$18.50
410-KLX-1420410-KLX-1420Camshaft - Kitaco SE-4V *$120.95
410-KLX-1421410-KLX-1421Rocker Arm - Kitaco SE-4V (ea) *$67.50
410-KLX-1422410-KLX-1422Tappet Cover Gasket - Kitaco SE-4V (ea) *$2.25
410-KLX-1450410-KLX-1450Race Head - Kitaco SE-4V 4-valve / KLX/DRZ110 *$1,295.95
Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
205-KLX-1132205-KLX-1132Exhaust System - D2 Big Bore, Silver / KLX/DRZ110/L, 02-Present$299.95Discontinued
410-KLX-1177410-KLX-1177Spark Plug - ND IY27 / Kitaco SE Heads *$29.50
411-KLX-1150411-KLX-1150Output Shaft - Forged w/1st Gear / KLX/DRZ110, 03- Present$169.95
420-KLX-1102420-KLX-1102Carb Kit - BBR Mikuni 26mm / KLX/DRZ110, 02-Present$279.95