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Race Head - Kitaco SE Big Valve (no cam) / KLX/DRZ110 *


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Race Head - Kitaco SE Big Valve (no cam) / KLX/DRZ110 *
QTY    $575.95
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Race Head - Kitaco SE Big Valve (no cam) / KLX/DRZ110 *

Race proven technology from Kitaco. Utilizing an improved port size and shape along with oversize intake and exhaust valves Kitaco acheives huge performance gains throughout the RPM range. Complete head includes valves, valve springs, stem seals, retainers and keepers. Uses your factory rockers and rocker shafts. Camshaft is not included and must be ordered seperately. This is the same race head used by the BBR Race Team.

  • BBR Race Team performance
  • Valve size: Intake 28mm, Exhaust 23mm
  • Huge horsepower gains
  • Valves, springs, seals, retainers, keepers included
  • Camshaft must be ordered separately
  • Bolt on power

Requires use of special ND IY24 spark plug. Must be ordered seperately. 410-KLX-1176
Requires use of specially modified pistons for proper valve/piston clearance. Available in either 143cc or 160cc
BBR offers additional Race Team mods that can further enhance the performance of this item. Call for details.

Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
410-KLX-1175410-KLX-1175Race Head - Kitaco SE Big Valve (no cam) / KLX/DRZ110 *$575.95Discontinued
Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
410-HXR-5116410-HXR-5116Valve Stem Seal - Kitaco Ultra SE (ea.)*$11.50
410-HXR-5119410-HXR-5119Valve Spring Set - Kitaco Ultra SE *$34.50
410-HXR-5120410-HXR-5120Valve Spring Retainer Set - Ti / Kitaco Ultra SE *$74.50
410-HXR-5121410-HXR-5121Valve Collet/Keeper - Kitaco Ultra SE (ea) *$7.75
410-KLX-1176410-KLX-1176Spark Plug - ND IY24 / Kitaco SE Heads *$29.50
410-KLX-1185410-KLX-1185Valve Set Steel - Intake/Exhaust - Kitaco SE KLX/DRZ110 *$165.95
Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
410-KLX-1142410-KLX-1142Camshaft - Decompression, Kitaco SE /KLX/DRZ110 * ** DISCLAIMER! This camshaft is a Non-Production, Race-Only part. BBR DOES NOT offer any warranty and will not be held responsible for any damage as a result of potential failure. Please contact BBR with any concerns with this disclaimer prior to installation. No returns will be accepted after installation. PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of hard-surface welding, shallow fissures(cracks) in the surface of the cam lobes may be present. We have not experienced any failures due to these circumstances. **$299.95
410-KLX-1177410-KLX-1177Spark Plug - ND IY27 / Kitaco SE Heads *$29.50
411-KLX-1620411-KLX-1620Bore Kit - 160cc (no cam) /KLX/DRZ/110, Modified for Kitaco SE/Takegawa +R/Kamikaze Heads$234.95
420-KLX-1105420-KLX-1105Carb Kit - Kitaco Keihin PWK 28mm (SE heads) / KLX/DRZ110 *$289.95