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Bore Kit - Wiseco 150cc / DRZ/KLX125/L

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Bore Kit - Wiseco 150cc / DRZ/KLX125/L
QTY    $149.95
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Bore Kit - Wiseco 150cc / DRZ/KLX125/L

High quality bore kit that shows substantial power gains throughout the RPM range. Kit includes high performance, Wiseco 61mm piston that bores into stock cylinder. 11.0:1 compression ratio allows use of 92 octane premium pump gas. Complete kit includes: piston, ring set, pin, clips and gaskets. Add BBR 26mm Carburetor Kit for additional performance gains.

  • Wiseco 61mm forged piston
  • 11.0:1 compression ratio
  • Rings, piston pin & clips
  • Includes gaskets
  • Bores into stock cylinder

If you have previously purchased this kit from BBR, you may have a piston made by Powroll. For these Powroll pistons please order replacement items that note "Powroll" in the description. Gasket Kit # 410-DRZ-1210. Ring Set # 410-DRZ-1212.

Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
410-DRZ-1305410-DRZ-1305Bore Kit - Wiseco 150cc / DRZ/KLX125/L, 03-Present$149.95Discontinued
Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
410-DRZ-1210410-DRZ-1210Gasket Kit - Powroll 150 Big Bore Kit$29.95
410-DRZ-1212410-DRZ-1212Ring Set - Powroll 150 Big Bore Kit$45.00
410-DRZ-1310410-DRZ-1310Gasket Kit - Wiseco 150cc / DRZ/KLX125/L, 03-Present$29.95
410-DRZ-1311410-DRZ-1311Piston Kit - Wiseco 150cc / DRZ/KLX125/L, 03-Present$124.95
410-DRZ-1312410-DRZ-1312Ring Set - Wiseco 150cc / DRZ/KLX125/L, 03-Present$39.95
Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
205-DRZ-1231205-DRZ-1231Exhaust System - D2, Silver / DRZ/KLX125, 03-Present$329.95Discontinued
420-DRZ-1201420-DRZ-1201Carb Kit - Keihin 26mm / DRZ/KLX125, 03-Present *$299.95