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Daytona 150 - Crankcase Cover


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Daytona 150 - Crankcase Cover
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Daytona 150 - Crankcase Cover

Daytona 150 Crankcase Cover. For use with Daytona 150 complete engine only.

    Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
    410-DA8-4219410-DA8-4219(1) Clutch Cover Assy, w/Oil Line - Seal (84219)$198.40
    410-DA8-4673410-DA8-4673(2) Gasket, R.Crankcase cover (Non-Asb) (84673)$4.10
    410-DA8-3747410-DA8-3747(3) Locating Dowel 8X12x6.3 (83747)$0.65
    410-DA8-3742410-DA8-3742(4) Clutch Lever Assy (83742)$17.50
    410-DA8-4229410-DA8-4229(5) O-ring, P9 (84229)$0.95
    410-DA8-3743410-DA8-3743(6) Clutch Lever Spring (83743)$1.60
    410-DA8-3767410-DA8-3767(7) Oil Seal 13.8X24x5 (83767)$1.15
    410-DA8-4674410-DA8-4674(8) Oil Ruler (84674)$1.80
    410-DA8-4220410-DA8-4220(9) Cover, Oil Filter (84220)$21.20
    410-DA8-3489410-DA8-3489(10) Oil Filter (83489)$9.50
    410-DA8-3839410-DA8-3839(11) Oil Filter Spring (83839)$4.70
    410-DA3-2784410-DA3-2784(12) Hexagon Head Bolt M6X15 - SUS (32784)$1.05
    410-DA3-2788410-DA3-2788(16) Cap Screw M6X55 - SUS (32788)$2.80
    410-DA3-2792410-DA3-2792(18) Socket Head Cap screw M6X132 - SUS (32792)$14.40
    410-DA8-4226410-DA8-4226(19) O-ring, G45 (84226)$2.90
    410-DA8-4227410-DA8-4227(20) O-ring, G120 (84227)$6.30
    410-DA8-4228410-DA8-4228(21) O-ring, P14 (84228)$1.05
    Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
    Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice