Swingarm Kit - ProComp W/Elka Shock for CRF125F and CRF/XR100


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Swingarm Kit - ProComp W/Elka Shock for CRF125F and CRF/XR100
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Swingarm Kit - ProComp W/Elka Shock for CRF125F and CRF/XR100

All new BBR MX style, vertical shock, rear end kit for the CRF125F/FB or CRF/XR100. We went back to the drawing board and completely redesigned the ultimate rear suspension upgrade for your playbike. The BBR swingarm and shock eliminate the horrible stock linkage and gives you big-bike quality suspension. The swingarm is machined from 3 solid chunks of billet aluminum, TIG welded and heat-treated for high strength. The result is a strong and light swingarm that's survived the worst abuse BBR's test riders could throw at it. The side arms have been computer designed to be stiffer and stronger then any other swingarm we've ever built. That lets the bike track straighter through the whoops and exit turns smoother and more predictably than ever before.

The Elka shock is their lastest Stage 4 design with adjustable compression, rebound, and spring preload. Carson Brown approved valving ensures the best rear suspension on any CRF125F or CRF/XR100 anywhere.

This swingarm will also fit the CRF/XR80, but will be substantially longer than those swingarms and the seat height will be dramatically higher. As long as you figure out getting the front end high enough to match, this works okay. Using the longer OEM fork legs from the CRF100F or XR100R (1985 and newer) is the easiest way to do it. The longer 100 legs will slide right up in your OEM CRF/XR80 triple clamps and fit your 80 front wheel.

  • Machined from solid billet 6061 aluminum
  • Raw machined finish can easily be polished, sanded, or brushed for a satin/brushed appearance
  • Pocketed design ensures stiffness while reducing weight
  • Elka Stage 4 shock with 1100 lbs. spring (optional 1200 lbs. spring is available for purchase)
  • Length: 18.88" (480mm) from pivot bolt to forward axle position (center-to-center)
  • Approximately 1 1/4" longer depending on year and model (CRF125F/FB or CRF/XR100)
  • Ride height approximately 2" - 2 1/2" taller depending on model
  • Axle slot length: 1.34" (34mm)
  • Chain guide mount is welded in place (not bolted on)
  • Includes BBR Works Edition Chain Guide
  • Fits the OEM CRF125F/FB or CRF/XR100 rear hub

Note: You will need a longer chain (see Optional Parts below if you want to purchase one with your swingarm). These swingarms use the BBR CRF125F chainguides (which is included).

You'll likely want something to raise the front end of your bike to match the additional height of our rear end kit.

CRF125F/FB owners can run our BBR CRF125F tripleclamps
CRF/XR80/100 owners can use our BBR CRF/XR80/100 tripleclamps (coming soon).

Note 2: This is a kit. You need this swingarm and this shock to make it all work. Your stock (or aftermarket) shock and linkage will not work with this swingarm. Your Works Perfomance (or DNM or any other aftermarket) XR100 shock will not work with this swingarm. Eliminating the linkage, with a great shock, is the magic.

Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
330-HCF-1230330-HCF-1230Swingarm Kit - ProComp W/Elka Shock Includes Chain Guide/ CRF125F 14-Present / CRF/XR100 85-13 *$1,499.95

Replacement Parts

Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
330-HCF-1231330-HCF-1231Replacement Bearing/Bushing Set - BBR ProComp Swingarm Kit CRF125F 14-Present / CRF/XR100 85-13$58.95
330-HCF-1232330-HCF-1232Chain Slider - BBR ProComp Swingarm Kit CRF125F 14-Present / CRF/XR100 85-13$27.95
332-BBR-1041332-BBR-1041Axle Adjuster Blocks - Billet w/Hardware, Red / BBR Supercomp Swingarms$47.95
345-HCF-1211345-HCF-1211Chain Guide, Factory Edition - Black / CRF125F, 14-Present$89.95
640-BBR-1105640-BBR-1105Shock - BBR/Elka Stage 4 Shock w/1100lb spring / KLX/DRZ Perimeter-S/P , ProComp *$724.99

Optional Parts

Part NumberImageDescriptionPrice 
390-SUN-2134390-SUN-2134Chain - Sunstar Mini MX Works Gold Chain/ 428 - 130L$55.95
510-HCF-1131510-HCF-1131Tripleclamp - Std Bar, Silver / CRF110F, 13-18$249.95
510-HXR-1031510-HXR-1031Tripleclamp - Std Bar, Silver / XR/CRF80/100, 85-Present$249.95
660-HXR-1007660-HXR-1007Shock Spring - BBR/Elka Shock 1200lb.$119.95
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