BBR News - OGM reaches licensing agreement with BBR

Seattle, WA (December 11th 2007) - BBR Motorsports, Inc. announced that a settlement has been reached with OGM relating to an infringement on BBR's Aluminum Frame Patents. According to BBR's intellectual property attorneys, at Seed IP Law Group in Seattle, the settlement has resulted in an agreement which allows OGM to continue to manufacture and sell complete motorcycles which incorporate certain aspects of BBR's Patented Frame and Swingarm Designs.

"We are happy to have this agreement settled with OGM Industries. OGM responded to our concerns in an ethical manner. As BBR continues to pursue resolution to intellectual property issues, we are glad to see a company like OGM that is committed to dealing with these types of issues in an appropriate way." - Brent Brown, General Manager, BBR Motorsports.

BBR is not involved in any way with the manufacturing, operations or sales of any OGM motorcycles, frames or other products, and further states that it will not lend any rights to its BBR brand, expertise or technology in any capacity. BBR is committed to protecting its Trademarks and Patents, and continues to produce authentic hand-crafted BBR products at its factory headquarters near Seattle, Washington.