BBR News - Round 2 of The Transworld 2007 Master of Minis

Round 2 of The Transworld Masters of Mini Brought to you by BBR Motorsports was held on a perfectly sunny day at Rocky Hill MX Park in Connecticut. There was a record attendance on hand – 333 entries – and it was the most successful pit bike race in the tracks 7 year history.

There were qualifiers in 9 out of 10 classes. Even the ladies came out to ride, so MoM added an 11th class on the day for the women.  Chris Hutchison (33) leads the points chase in the 10” Rockstar class and Billy Ainsworth (798) leads for the 12” Rockstar class.  But with three rounds to go, the championship is still very much up in the air since we have had different winners at each round. 

Round 3 is October 21st at Crow Hill MX in Templeton MA.  This is a new track on the MoM schedule promising a similar outdoor style layout as the Rocky Hill Track but with some modest elevation changes thrown in.  Registration opens at 9am, Practice starts at 11am and racing begins at noon.  For more details on all 10 classes available, prize breakdown, directions, etc visit


10" Rockstar:  12" Rockstar:  Limited:  Modified:  Senior: 
1. Dakota Kessler (Ukn); 1. Dakota Kessler (Ukn); 1. Luc Cotnoir Jr (Kaw); 1. Jason "jay" Healey (Hon); 1. Jay Ablaza (Kaw);
2. Tom Parsons (BBR); 2. Bryan Wallace (Pit); 2. Jay Ablaza (Kaw); 2. Thomas "tom" Healey (Hon); 2. Chris Curtis (Pit);
3. Bryan Wallace (Pit); 3. Tony Lorusso (Kaw); 3. Scott Levreault (Suz); 3. Cody Madore (Hon); 3. Todd Levesque (Kaw);
4. Joshua Sheffer (BBR); 4. Evan Arnold (Kaw); 4. David Hutchins (BBR); 4. Peter Walck (Hon); 4. Brian Rebello (Hon);
5. Chris Hutchison (Pit); 5. Billy Ainsworth (Pit); 5. Brian Kennedy (Kaw); 5. Joshua Hayden (Hon); 5. David Hutchins (BBR);
10/12 Open:  Fat Boy:  Middle Age:  Poor Boy:  Yoots: 
1. Todd Chrusciel (Kaw); 1. Matt Gronowicz (Kaw); 1. Billy Ainsworth (Pit); 1. Joshua Sheffer (Hon); 1. Evan Arnold (Kaw);
2. Jay Ablaza (Kaw); 2. David Hutchins (BBR); 2. Dennis (Suz); 2. Tim Slater (Hon); 2. Tim Ryan (Kaw);
3. Justin Maloney (Kaw); 3. Corey Stetson (Kaw); 3. Chris Lavoie (Hon); 3. Clint Johnson (Hon); 3. Tyler Lynch (Kaw);
4. Tim Ryan (Kaw); 4. Morgan Jeleniowski (Kaw); 4. Shawn Lavoie (Pit); 4. Peter Walck (Hon); 4. Danny O'connor (Kaw);
5. Luc Cotnoir Jr (Kaw); 5. Jonathan Cyr (Kaw); 5. Joshua Sheffer (BBR); 5. Robert Walck (Hon); 5. Kyle Dziedzinski (Suz);
1. Shannon Courtney (Kaw);        
2. Jennie Lydon (Hon);        
3. Ashley Cotnoir (Kaw);        
4. Heather Rainey (Kaw);        
5. Kim Bacon (Kaw);        

Round 3 - Sunday October 21st – Crow Hill MX, MA (MX on modified big track)

Round 4 - Sunday November 4th – Cycles 128 Beverly, MA (Asphalt race)

Round 5 - Saturday Dec 8th – Mototown USA, Windsor, CT – (INDOOR FINALE)

 For more info or to pre register contact