BBR News - Round 1 of Masters_of_Minis 2007 is a Huge Success

BBR Sponsored Masters of Mini Round 1 Starts Off Strong

The Tuesday pit bike race brought in 272 entries


Who ever said Pit Bike Racing is dying must not live on the East Coast, Transworld’s Masters of Mini comes out of the gate blazing with a strong opening round attendance. 128 racers signed up making up 272 class entries last Tuesday.  The event was held at the Annual Marshfield County Fair for the second year in a row.


“The track was awesome, best I have seen it in years,” said Hutch Motorsports Owner and racer Dave Hutchins referring to the Letendre Brother built track.  Every year South Shore Promotions, headed up by Dana Johnson, builds a Supercross style track and hosts the annual Marshfield Supercross Race on Wednesday for 250 and 450 A and B riders along with some of the top 85 and 65 riders in the Northeast. 


“There was qualifying in 8 out of 10 classes,” said Pete’s Cycle & Sled Owner Pete Collins referring to the Pit Bike Race, “it seems the series draws as many back yard racers looking for fun as it does the serious racer who has 10 grand into his bike.  This event has classes for everyone and is super laid back in its approach – that’s why I think it is so well attended.”


Results are as follows:



1st place

2nd Place

3rd Place

4th Place

5th Place

10" Rockstar: 

1. Tyson Clark (Pit);

2. Chris Hutchison (Pit);

3. Jason "jay" Healey (Hon);

4. Thomas "tom" Healey (Hon);

5. Trevor Holland (Hon);

10/12 Open: 

1. Marco Genereux (Ukn);

2. Todd Chrusciel (Kaw);

3. Nathaniel Bosum (Yam);

4. Joseph Serrenho (Kaw);

5. Justin Thompson (Kaw);

12" Rockstar: 

1. Marco Genereux (Ukn);

2. Billy Ainsworth (Pit);

3. Nathaniel Bosum (Yam);

4. Chris Lavoie (Hon);

5. Shawn Lavoie (Pit);

Fat Boy: 

1. David Hutchins (Bbr);

2. Matt Gronowicz (Kaw);

3. Dana Johnson (Kaw);

4. Pete Cowern (Pit);

5. Morgan Jeleniowski (Kaw);


1. James Decotis (Kaw);

2. Adam Sebastian (Suz);

3. Steve Domuczicz (Kaw);

4. Gregory Lehto (Kaw);

5. Dana Johnson (Kaw);

Middle Age: 

1. Jesse Rossetti (Kaw);

2. Shawn Lavoie (Pit);

3. Chris Lavoie (Hon);

4. Billy Ainsworth (Pit);

5. David Souza (Pit);


1. Cody Madore (Hon);

2. Jason "jay" Healey (Hon);

3. Thomas "tom" Healey (Hon);

4. Peter Walck (Hon);

5. Joshua Hayden (Hon);

Poor Boy: 

1. Andy Young (Hon);

2. Brian Rubello (Hon);

3. Mark Delorenzo (Hon);

4. Robert Walck (Hon);

5. Ryan Miskell (Hon);


1. Jay Ablaza (Kaw);

2. Paul Letendre (Suz);

3. Chris Hutchison (Pit);

4. Todd Levesque (Kaw);

5. Michael Letendre (Kaw);


1. Marco Genereux (Ukn);

2. Nathaniel Bosum (Yam);

3. Gregory Lehto (Kaw);

4. James Decotis (Kaw);

5. Evan Arnold (Kaw);


The Masters of Mini is supported by these fine companies: TRANSWORLD MOTOCROSS MAGAZINE, BBR Motorsports, Sano Systems, Vitamin Water, Smart Water, Thumstar, Pitster Pro, Red Bull, i-Shock, Tri Star, HRP Sports, Spectro Oils, K Rae Graphics, Skorbordz, RS Films, Acerbis, OGIO, Waterville Valley Ski Area, Twin Air, Kenda Tires, AHP Minis, Fox Racing, Transworld SNOWboarding Magazine, Arai Helmets, ASV, Orlando Mini Moto, Scott USA, Planet Minis, Titan MX Graphics, FMF, One Industries, Spy Optics, Smith Optics, Works Connection, Factory Connection, Atomic Snowboards, TCX Boots, Matt Francis Photography, Moto Nut Racing, and Mophie.


As well as these fine shops:

Pete’s Cycle & Sled, MA,                                 Need for Speed, CT,

Cycles 128, MA,                                               RER Motorcity, CT,

Hutch Motorsports, MA,                                    Chaplin Kawasaki, CT,

Keene Motorsports, NH,                                    Higgins Powersports, MA,

Manchester Sports Center, CT,                          Mototown Cycle Accessories, CT.


Other MoM Races for 2007:

5 events over 5 months starting in August finishing in Dec (indoors)

Round 1 - Tuesday pm August 21st – Marshfield Fair, Marshfield, MA (SX)

Round 2 - Sunday September 30th – Rocky Hill MX, CT (MX on Quad track)

Round 3 - Sunday October 21st – Crow Hill MX, MA (MX on modified big track)

Round 4 - Sunday November 4th – Cycles 128 Beverly, MA (Asphalt race)

Round 5 - Saturday Dec 8th – Mototown USA, Windsor, CT – (INDOOR FINALE)


Round 2 of the Masters of Mini is taking place at CT River Motocross in Rocky Hill, CT on Sunday September 30th.  For more info or to pre register contact


More Race Photos Available at