BBR News - US Open 2001

10/18/2001 - The US Open was a success. Ten magazine editors raced 10 BBR 150s, with MX Racer claiming two podium spots. Cycle World, Dirt Bike, Motocross Action, Cycle News, Dirt Rider and MX West were also represented. Pete Treadwell, Duane Brown, Larry Kuebler and Derek Charbonneau of BBR filled out the field on BBR 150s, TT-R 125s and a mini 250F.

Results of the Maxxis/BBR Editor's Challenge: 1st: Brian Staben, MX Racer 2nd: Jimmy Lewis, Cycle World 3rd: Jason Webb, Dirt Rider 4th: Larry Kuebler, BBR 5th: Corey Neuer, MX Racer

In the pits: Below are various pictures taken in our pit area at the US Open. The BBR trailer shared a pit area with the Maxxis Tires Funmover; supercross fans could walk in and inspect BBR's custom work, aftermarket parts and aluminum-framed bikes.

The BBR pit area attracted visitors all weekend.

On the track: The track built for the US Open in the MGM Grand's Garden Arena was tamed down for the small wheeled BBR minibikes. Fun was had by all, however, as magazine editors from Motocross Action, Cycle News, Dirt Bike, MX Racer, Dirt Rider, Cycle World and MX West settled sibling rivalries aboard BBR 150s.

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