BBR News - Screwy Dilla 2001

09/00/2001 - Scotty "Screwy" Sherbert of Screwy Designs hosted the second annual Screwy-Dilla BBQ and mini-bike race on September 22. BBR made the trek down to Olympia, Wash. to participate--how could we miss anything to do with mini bike racing?

We were all pleasantly surprised. The track was first class; it was laid out and groomed better than many popular local racing venues. Screwy built a 105-ft skybridge over the track for spectators to check out the action.

Racers--who had to be more than 30 years old--competed in Stock Novice and Expert, Modified Novice and Expert, + 45 and the ever-popular adult XR 50 classes. The young ones also rode in a Pee-Wee fun ride.

Special touches like custom trophies made from engine and bike parts welded together and planters made from old boots made Screwy-Dilla fun and unusual.

Children were everywhere; a family atmosphere was one thing Screwy particularly wanted to promote. A magician put on a show at half-time and face painting was also popular with the kids.

To keep everything legal and under control, underage drinking was not allowed, parking down the street with an available shuttle was encouraged, and all racing ended by 6 pm.

The XR 50 class was a hotly contested race. Grown men on XR 50s battled for the coveted first place trophy.

Pete Treadwell, BBR business manager, finished in second place in the Modified Expert class. Tommy Judge and Larry Kuebler, both riding for BBR, claimed third and fourth, respectively. Mike Larson on a home-made CR 80/XR 100 conversion finished first overall.

Attendance was nearly double that of last year's 250 attendees; 400 race fans came to enjoy good food and good racing. 37 racers competed.

Screwy-Dilla attendees donated $450 to the Red Cross for World Trade Center victims at a table set up next to the BBQ and beer.

The weather was perfect. While the Pacific northwest is known for rain, we were blessed with cloudless skies and 75-degree temperatures.

Screwy is one of the premier custom helmet, motorcycle and car painters in the northwest. His custom airbrush designs are seen everywhere in the northwest.

Click an image below to see the action.