The new 2010 Kawasaki KLX110 is a big hit! Updated styling, electric start, and adult sizing (L model) make this the playbike to have in 2010. With the new bike comes some confusion as to what hop-up parts fit from the old models. We've put together this guide to help you get the most from Kawasaki's newest offerings. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 888-MOTO-BBR!

  2010 KLX110 2010 KLX110L
Air Filter and Bracket
Notes:  Standard air filter and shroud bracket fit both new models


U-Flow Air Filter Assembly
Notes:  U-Flow filter kit fits both new model bikes.


Big Bore Kit:  130cc
Notes:  This kit requires professional boring of your stock cylinder.


Big Bore Kit:  143cc
Notes:  The new KLX's come equiped with a decompression camshaft. This new camshaft uses a different timing chain and our BBR grind camshaft will not fit. As a result we now offer the 143cc kit without the camshaft. We are working on a performance camshaft for these new models.


Big Bore Kit:  160cc
Notes:  This kit fits with case boring (same as older models).


Brake Pedal
Notes:  BBR's billet aluminum brake pedal fits the non-L model bike without modification.  For the L-model two small spacers are required (now included) as well as the use of the BBR Kickstarter.


Carb Kit
Notes:  Carb kit fits the new model bikes without modification.  We recommend using the U-Flow air filter for best performance.


Chain Guide
Notes:  The chain guide mount is moved on the new KLX's and requires a spacer for proper alignment.  The 2010 chain guide include the spacer (340-KLX-1112).


Hydraulic/Manual Clutch Conversion
Notes:  For the non-L model this conversion kit adds a manual clutch. 

Manual Clutch Cover
Notes:  For the non-L model this conversion kit adds a manual clutch.  Must use Takegawa HD clutch or the Kitaco Primary Drive Gear (410-KLX-1181).

HD Clutch Kit
Notes:  Replace the 5 disc OEM clutch with a 6 disc performance clutch.  Can be used with the Takegawa manual clutch cover or the Hydraulic Manual Clutch Conversion for the non-L model.


Clutch Removal Spacer
Notes:  For use with the Hydraulic Manual Clutch Conversion on the non-L model only.

Clutch Springs
Notes:  BBR has heavy duty clutch springs available for both the non-L model and the L model (they are different).


Damping Rods
Notes:  BBR's standard damping rods fit the non-L model only.

Rear Disc Brake Kit
Notes:  BBR's disc brake kit fits the non-L model bike only.  We are working on an update to fit the L model.

Exhaust System - D2
Notes:  BBR's standard D2 Exhaust System fits all years and both models.


Exhaust System - D2 Big Bore
Notes:  Due to frame changes, our old "Big Bore" exhaust will not fit the newer models.  We have created a new exhaust that fits all years and both 2010 models.


CancelCore Quiet Exhaust Insert
Notes:  The BBR Cancel Core will fit all BBR exhaust systems that use a removable spark arrester screen.


Skid Plate
Notes:  BBR's standard skidplate fits without modification.


HD Footpeg Bracket
Notes:  BBR's standard footpeg mount fits without modification.


Notes:  IMS footpegs fit without modification.


Fork Springs
Notes:  BBR's standard fork springs fits the non-L model.  The L model requires spacers (included with 650-KLX-1305) .


Shock Springs
Notes:  BBR's standard shock spring fits the non-L model.  We are developing a new spring for the L model bike.


Rear Shock, Elka
Notes:  Fits non-L models.  Can be used on L model bikes to lower the rear suspension 1 inch.


Rear Shock, Fox
Notes:  Fits non-L models.  Can be used on L model bikes to lower the rear suspension 1.5 inches.


Rear Suspension Kit
Notes:  BBR has developed a new rear suspension kit for the 2010 KLX's.  A two position upper shock mount allows it to fit both 2010 models and 2009 and older models (± 1 inch).


Gas Cap
Notes:  Both 2010 models now use the larger BBR "X" gascap.  This is the same cap as the KLX140.


Graphics Kit
Notes:  This is the Monster Phantom graphics kit redesigned for the new 2010 plastic


Handlebar Kit
Notes:  BBR's standard bar kit fits the 2010 KLX110's.  You will not use the BBR kill button on 2010 models.


Kick Starter
Notes:  BBR's kickstarter fits both model 2010 bikes


Output Shaft
Notes:  BBR's output shaft fits both model bikes (and all 2003 and newer KLX110s).


Primary Drive Gear
Notes:  For use with the Hydraulic Manual Clutch Conversion kit on the non-L model only.

HD Cylinder Studs
Notes:  Heavy duty cylinder stud and nut set resist stretching in high performance KLX/DRZ110 engines.  Fits both models.


HD Valve Springs
Notes:  Fits both models.


Notes:  Fits both models.




Rim Lock
Notes:  Fits both models


HD Spokes
Notes:  Fits both models.




Shift Lever
Notes:  Fits both models.


Notes:  Fits both models.




Steering Stem Nut
Notes:  Fits both models.


Tall Seat Assembly
Notes:  The 2010 KLX110's use a different seat mount.  We are working on a new seat.


Notes:  Fits both models.








Notes:  Fits both models.