Shock Spring - CRF110F
Shock Spring - CRF110F  
660-HCF-1105(A), Shock Spring - CRF110F, 13-Present
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Custom developed by BBR Motorsports for mini four-strokes. Increased spring rate for fast/aggressive adult mini riders. This is the most important upgrade you can make for an adult sized rider for improved suspension action. The stock suspension is too soft for most adults. Fits stock CRF110F shock.  
    • Increased spring rate for adults
• Preset and stress relieved for long life
• Custom wound from aircraft quality spring steel
• Powder coated finish
• Fits stock CRF110F shock.

Part Number Application Price  
660-HCF-1105Shock Spring - CRF110F, 13-Present99.95Please Call for Inventory Status on this Item
Optional Parts:
650-HCF-1105Fork Springs - CRF110F, 13-Present89.95Please Call for Inventory Status on this Item