New Shipment Has Arrived!
1/27/2016 - Lots of items are back in stock. Click on the logo to see a list of everything that has arrived.

Honda CRF125F Announced
07/09/2013 - Honda announces the new 2014 CRF125F and CRF125FB (Big Wheel)

BBR XBOX 360 Giveaway
03/01/2013 - BBR is giving away the ultimate XBOX 360 Rider Bundle to an online customer during March and April 2013

BBR V3 Perimeter KLX110 For Sale
02/28/2013 - Here's your chance to pick up a BBR Race Team practice bike

Invention USA
12/12/2012 - Check out History Channel’s Invention USA on Wednesday 12/12/2012. In the episode “Fill Throttle”, the BBR Crew checks in.

Video: Carson Tests the New Honda CRF110F
10/16/2012 - Carson Brown hammers the CRF110F and tells you what you need to know

Video: Abrigo tests the Daytona 190
09/04/2012 - Ryan Abrigo tests the new Daytona 190 motor and wrings it out

2013 Honda CRF110F
05/29/2012 - Honda introduces the hot new 2013 Honda CRF110F

Island Lake Camp Ride Day
05/12/2011 - Break out your playbike for a great day of fun!

New Blog
07/23/2010 - Duane's new blog is available now

Travis Pastrana - All In
06/02/2010 - Catch up with Pastrana in this new video from DC Shoes

Timmy Weigand Health Update
3/12/2010 - Timmy Weigand suffers a mild stroke and discovers a hole in his heart

New Blog Entry
2/18/2010 - Check out Duane's lastest blog on the Indy Dealer Show

2010 KLX110 Products
1/12/2010 - BBR products for the new Kawasaki KLX110 and KLX110L

2009 Holiday Hours
11/24/2009 - BBR hours for the upcoming holiday season

New! BBR V-3 Las Vegas LE $5999
11/20/2009 - Limited production BBR V3 Perimeter Race Bikes

New Blog!
11/11/2009 - Check out Duane's new blog covering the MM12P, local racing, and the 2010 KLX110L

For Sale: BBR KLX110
11/6/2009 - Here's your chance to get a great deal on a BBR KLX110 that is stock class and kid's class legal for MiniMoto!

The BBR Motorsports - MM12P
10/28/2009 - BBR MiniMoto 12" Production Race Bike

BBR Feature Racer - Carl Schlacht
10/15/2009 - Carl Schlacht - #384

BBR Feature Rider - Daniel Meynet
08/25/2009 - Up and Coming Racer - Daniel Meynet

BBR CancelCore Quiet insert Video
08/20/2009 - Duane Brown shows BBR CancelCore Quiet Insert

Daytona/BBR 150cc Engines Available
08/10/2009 - Taking Pre-Orders Now for Daytona 150cc Engines

BBR V3 Perimeter Race Bike For Sale
07/22/2009 - BBR V3 Perimeter Race Bike - Built April 2008

BBR 2006 CRF 150F For Sale
07/15/2009 - Special Pricing - Call For Details

BBR V3 Perimeter 160cc For Sale
07/06/2009 - Chris Gosselaar 2008 MiniMoto SX Race Bike For Sale

Brand New BBR T-Shirts and Hoodies
06/26/2009 - Now In Stock! New BBR T-Shirts and Hoodies

Derek Costella Back-Up 110 For Sale
06/24/2009 - Costella's Back-Up MiniMoto SX Race Bike For Sale

BBR Race Bikes For Sale
06/01/2009 - BBR Race Team Bikes Still Available

J-Law Race Bike For Sale
05/13/2009 - Jason Lawrence Works 110 For Sale

2009 BBR Race Team Bikes For Sale
05/12/2009 - BBR Race Team Bikes Available Now!

Derek Costella Set To Defend His Title
04/29/2009 - BBR’s Derek Costella Is Set To Defend His 10" and 12” MMSX Titles In Vegas Friday!

2009 BBR/Monster Energy MMSX Race Team
04/28/2009 - BBR announces team for 2009 MiniMoto SX in Las Vegas

04/27/2009 - The MTV crew showed up over a three day period to shoot Duane's family with focus on his daughter, Jennifer

Jason Lawrence and BBR Motorsports Team Up For Run at Maxxis MiniMotoSX
04/21/2009 - Boost Mobile/ampm/Monster Energy/Troy Racing WSX champ is registered to race Vegas’ MMSX on a custom BBR V3 Perimeter 160cc

BBR - CancelCore Quiet Insert
04/20/2009 - BBR Motorsports CancelCore Quiet Inserts Now In Stock!

2009 Las Vegas MiniMoto SX - Testing Video
04/15/2009 - Derek Costella and Ryan Abrigo at BBR Motorsports Test Track

MM12P - Riding Video
04/10/2009 - Costella, Abrigo and Flynn ride the BBR MM12P

03/26/2009 - KLX 110 and others available for sale again

Masters of Mini release 2009 series schedule
03/03/2009 - Masters of Mini announce 2009 series schedule and new website

Ban On Kids Motorcycles
02/11/2009 - BBR Complies with CPSIA Requirements

2009 Dealer Expo - Feb. 13th -16th
02/10/2009 - Come visit BBR at booth #5571 at the Dealer Expo

BBR MM12P - Production Run Increased
02/03/2009 - BBR has increased production units for first run of the BBR MM12P

New BBR Blog
01/19/2009 - BBR Knocks Itself Off

BBR Online Ordering Now Available
11/14/2008 - Buy Now Online at BBR Motorsports

V3 Perimeter Frame
10/16/2008 - BBR Introduces Next Generation V3 Perimeter Frame

KLX 140 Suspension Upgrade
10/09/2008 - BBR Fork Springs and Shock Spring

2009 Kawasaki MX Catalog
9/11/2008 - BBR/Monster KLX 110 in 2009 Kawasaki Catalog

Travis Pastrana Visits BBR
8/26/2008 - Pastrana and Nitro Circus at BBR

2008 Race Season Bikes For Sale
8/18/2008 - 2008 Season BBR Factory Race Bikes For Sale

Get To Know...Derek Costella
8/12/2008 - Derek Costella Interview

MiniMX Summer Grand National - Results
8/04/2008 - Abrigo and Costella win 10E and 12E class.

2008 Race Season Bikes For Sale
7/15/2008 - 08 Race Bikes For Sale Following MiniMX Summer Grand National

Ryan Villopotos Personal Bike For Sale
6/10/2008 - Ryan Villopotos Personal BBR/Monster Energy KLX110

BBR Las Vegas Race Bikes For Sale
6/07/2008 - First come First Serve

BBR Employee Jeff Alboucq 2008 NW Arenacross Champion
6/05/2008 - BBR Congratulates Jeff on Winning 11 Race Series in the 250 Pro Class

2009 Ryan Villopoto BBR/Monster Perimeter 110
4/29/2008 - The BBR crew shows Ryan the 2009 Villopoto BBR/Monster Perimeter Frame KLX110

BBR Seattle SX Weekend
4/29/2008 - BBR hangs with Ryan Villopoto and Victor Sheldon

New BBR/Monster Energy Phantom Graphics Kit
4/23/2008 - Now Available for CRF 50 and KLX 110

Tim Weigand at BBR Test Track - Video
4/18/2008 - Tim Weigand stops by BBR test track for a few laps

Costella Test Day Video
4/14/2008 - BBR's Derek Costella Set to Defend MiniMoto SX Title

McGrath gets new BBR Perimeter bikes for 2008
4/10/2008 - BBR builds Jeremy McGrath two new race bikes for 2008 season

BBR/Monster Energy Team prepares for MiniMotoSX
3/26/2008 - MiniMotoSX May 1st and 2nd 2008

Kitaco 4-Valve Head for KLX 110.
2/22/2008 - BBR is taking orders now for this revolutionary bore kit.

BBR Race Bikes For Sale.
2/12/2008 - A great opportunity to buy BBR race bikes.

Kitaco partners with BBR Motorsports.
2/11/2008 - BBR agrees to distribute Kitaco products and collaborate on research and development and race team.

The 2008 Maxxis MiniMoto SX - Las Vegas
2/06/2008 - MiniMoto SX Friday, May 2nd 2008-Register Now!.

New Product - U-Flow Air Filter Kit
1/30/2008 - Increase the air flow and performance of your KLX110.

BBR McGrath Edition CRF150R
12/5/2007 - BBR and Jeremy McGrath team up to build limited edition BBR Perimeter 150R's

New BBR Fleece Jacket
11/07/2007 - Great Holiday Gift Item

BBR Products for the New TT-R125
10/05/2007 - BBR offers complete product line for the 2008 TT-R125.

D-Comp Camshaft on Sale
9/27/2007 - Reg. $379.95 on Sale now for $299.95

BBR Builds Alliance with SEMRA
9/4/2007 - BBR Sees Organizations Like SEMRA as Key to Growing the Sport.

OGM reaches licensing agreement with BBR
12/11/2007 - 12/11/07

BBR Develops E-6 Fork Kit For KLX110
8/23/2007 - The Brown Brothers have adapted BBR's E-6 Technology to the KLX/DRZ110.

Product Release-BBR 150R Billet Aluminum Kick Starter
8/7/2007 - BBR introduces new lightweight Aluminum kick starter for the CRF150R.

New Chrome BBR Logo Graphics Kit for CRF50
7/23/2007 - BBR Motorsports launches new chrome logo graphics for the CRF50.

BBR Introduces Carbon Fiber Glide Plate for 150R
6/30/2007 - Available for Both Stock and Perimeter Frames

BBR Announces New Upgrade for BBR Throttles
6/21/2007 - You Can Now Upgrade to a High-Strength Aluminum Throttle Tube for BBR Throttles.

BBR Friend, Rich Taylor, Launches New Goggle Line
6/18/2007 - Here Is A Sneak Peek of Rich Taylor's line Of Goggles.

The Ultimate 150R Upgrade
6/11/2007 - Dirt Bike Tests BBR 150R Perimeter Frame.

New Chrome Logo Graphics Kit for KLX110
6/8/2007 - BBR Launches New Chrome Logo Graphics for KLX 110.

Transworld Masters_of_Mini brought to you by BBR Motorsports
6/1/2007 - Transworld Masters_of_Mini Aug. 21st - Dec. 8th.

BBR Releases Billet Stem Nut for CRF150R
5/29/2007 - 7075 T-6 aluminum and features an R-5 anodized finish.

MiniMoto SX Winning BBR/Monster Team Graphics
5/23/2007 - Own a piece of MiniMoto SX history with your own BBR/Monster Team graphics kit.

BBR Race Bike Sale
5/6/2007 - BBR/Detailed Bike information now available!

BBR Billet Adjustable Linkage for CRF150R
5/6/2007 - BBR Adjustable Linkage with 5 ride height settings available now!

BBR settlement reached with Workz
4/30/2007 - BBR reaches settlement with Workz Industries for infringement of BBR Patents.

McGrath and BBR Build Monster Bikes for MiniMoto
4/2/2007 - Jeremy McGrath and BBR Motorsports build three Monster bikes for MiniMoto SX.

BBR Race Bike Sale
4/1/2007 - BBR/Monster Race Team Bikes For Sale After MiniMoto SX.

BBR Releases Ultimate Frame Cradle for TTR125
3/6/2007 - The BBR engineers have designed a high-strength forged aluminum frame cradle for the TTR125.

BBR Heavy Duty Forged Output Shaft for the KLX110
3/7/2007 - BBR announces the BBR Heavy Duty Forged Output Shaft for the KLX110.

New BBR Graphics Kit for the Honda CRF150R
3/1/2007 - In Stock Now!

Honda NSF100 Big Bore Kit available from BBR Motorsports
2/28/2007 - BBR 120cc Big Bore Engine Kit boosts horsepower and acceleration for NSF/XR/CRF 100 motors

2007 BBR Catalog
2/26/2007 - Click Here to Download

BBR Introduces New Products for CRF 50
2/15/2007 - BBR has added a new color to its Honda CRF 50 products.

BBR 150R Perimeter Works Bike
12/22/2006 - World Premier of the New BBR 150R Perimeter frame Works Bike.

Sneak Preview
12/7/2006 - BBR releases a sneak preview of its signature perimeter frame for the 150R.

More 150R products released
12/7/2006 - BBR billet engine mounts, sprocket cover and gas cap now available.

BBR and Monster Energy sign Derek Costella
12/6/2006 - BBR Motorsports and Monster Energy Drink sign Derek Costella for the 2007 season.

Ball of Steel Stunts visits BBR Motorsports
11/30/2006 - BOSS Team visits BBR to get latest performance upgrades.

NEW! CRF150R Shift Lever and Brake Pedal
11/22/2006 - BBR releases new products for the Honda CRF150R

NEW! CRF150R Exhaust System
10/27/2006 - BBR Releases new exhaust systems for the CRF150R

NEW! CRF150R Heavy Rate Springs
10/3/2006 - BBR launches suspension upgrade for the all new 2007 CRF150R

Villopoto Gets BBR KLX110
9/13/2006 - Thor presents Ryan Villopoto with BBR KLX110

BBR Bailey Tribute Bike
8/8/2006 - Read about the trick CRF50 the crew at BBR built for the David Bailey benefit auction.

Monster Announces BBR Partnership
5/1/2006 - Monster Energy Drink announces partnership with BBR Motorsports 2006.

Chad Reed's New BBR110
05/04/2005 - Check out these photos of Chad Reed's new 110

Ricky Carmichael's New BBR DRZ110
04/15/2005 - While in town for the Seattle Supercross, BBR presented Ricky Carmichael with a new BBR Perimeter DRZ110.

Pastrana Visits BBR Factory
04/15/2005 - Travis Pastrana has 3 new BBR DRZ110s! Two are SuperMoto and the third is in full motocross trim.

Darcy Lange KLX110
04/03/2005 - Darcy Lange (2 time Arenacross champion) has been testing with BBR getting ready for the Las Vegas MiniMoto SX.

2004 Indy Dealer Show
02/14/2004 - BBR Motorsports, Inc announced several new products today at the Indy Dealer Show.

BBR Legal
01/01/2004 - Legal Information from BBR

Honda Announces The new CRF50F
09/10/2003 - Honda Announces new CRF50F at the Honda Dealer Show in Las Vegas!

Works CRF50F
09/15/2003 - BBR built this super trick CRF50F for American Honda

Honda Announces The new CRF50F
09/10/2003 - Honda Announces new CRF50F at the Honda Dealer Show in Las Vegas!

Bostrom Brothers
04/01/2003 - Check out the April 2003 issue of Roadracing World magazine for an interview with Ben and Eric Bostrom talking about their BBR aluminum framed XR50s.

Arenacross Ride
02/12/2002 - Arenacross Riders ride with the BBR Gang.

BBR Rides the new 2002 CRF450R
8/30/2001 - Duane and Chris Brown gathered with magazine and industry insiders to check out Honda's revolutionary new CRF450R