On Monday evening, January 21, a fire swept through our shop. While it appears to have originated in another tenant's area, it spread to our offices, warehouse, storage, machine shop, and work areas. On Friday, January 25, we were finally able to enter the building and look at the damage. It is extensive. As the building has been deemed unsafe, it is obvious that we will not be able to conduct business at this location again. Our product inventory took the worst hit, but it appears that we lost 30 years’ worth of memorabilia and historical items, as well. Anything not completely melted or burned has smoke and water damage.

This is not going to be cleaned up overnight. We ask that you be patient while we put our world back together. If you want to check in on whether or not some part has survived, unfortunately, the answer is almost certainly "no". Don't expect us to be shipping out your item next week. The vast majority of our current product line is still available through dealers and distributors throughout the country. Using the product numbers, from our website, we recommend searching on the Internet to find a dealer stocking the item you want. Here is a direct link to our product pages:  Products

We already have new production in process, for many BBR products, and we're working around the clock to get our most popular items back in stock. Again, this won't happen overnight. It will take time. We'll be using our website to communicate and hope to have a new physical location up and running soon. Understandably, we won't be able to answer every email, DM, or call during this time.

We appreciate everyone's business and loyalty, over the years, and look forward to getting back to our simple mission: Building cool motorcycle parts.


The Brown Brothers